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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Happy Birthday - Paul Konerko

Hey, I remembered. Look at me!

Paulie was born in 1976 which makes him 45 today.

MLB Debut - September 8th, 1997 (Los Angeles Dodgers)

Years Active - 

  • Los Angeles Dodgers (1997-1998)
  • Cincinnati Reds (1998)
  • Chicago White Sox (1999-2014)
Rookie card w/Dodgers

Cincinnati Reds card

1999 Chicago White Sox card

Cards listed on TCDB - 4,530

Cards I have - 698 (4 not listed on TCDB)

not listed - both Rediscover Topps

not listed - playing card set and a 1 of 1 with the Special Olympics stamp

Where they came from - 

That section took a lot longer to build than I was expecting.

I've only got 6 post career cards. I doubt they make a ton of him in the future either. He wasn't really well known when he played, I don't expect that to be different now.

I have 3 auto's of PK.

I also have 14 different relics.

PK is my favorite player of all time so it's only right that I have more cards of him than any other player.


  1. Still one of my favorites! I can probably help you get the Rediscover Topps and Hero Decks cards listed on TCDB if we can get them IDed.

  2. That's pretty cool that you were able to track down how many PK's you received from different people. It's also cool that you remember his birthday. I don't think I have any athlete's birthdays memorized outside of the ones that share my own.

    1. I don't have any memorized. I put it on a calendar along with the rest of my pc guys. I figured it might give me a post that day.


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