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Sunday, March 7, 2021

3 Years of PK

I found a book of all my tickets to games that I went to in the late 80's to mid 90's. I wish I would have kept everything from when I was really young because my grandfather took me to a few Cubs game in the mid 80's back before I was even really into it. I didn't realize just how many minor league games I went to back then. Every off-season, I say, this year I'm going to go to more minor league games (we have a local team, although it is the Cubs), than the season rolls around and I never go. Anyways, it was cool going through all those tickets again. Reliving the old days.

Today's post is a Tier 1 player that we've seen a bunch of lately. I've actually changed the way I've been purchasing on Sportlots. I was going through player by player but sticking to my budget. So I would get to certain players and I would hit my budget after going through only 1 or 2 years of that player. So I end up with a ton of posts of one player. So I've changed and I go through 1 year of that player, than move to the next player and do a year of his cards and just keep moving on until I reach my budget. That way, on the next round of posts, we'll have a little more variety in the players I show. I still have to find a way to mix in White Sox team sets and maybe some Vintage in there as well.

But on to today's post. Here I went on about mixing it up and I just looked and you haven't seen him since the end of January, except for his birthday post earlier.

This is the Topps portion of 2007. The Finest is a nice looking card. The Bowman is the gold version and obviously, the Allen & Ginter is the mini. The Topps is actually the Red Back version (I didn't think to scan the back) and the white copy is Opening Day.

Oddly enough, all the Upper Deck's I got from 2007 were horizontal cards. A couple of inserts and I dig the die cut SPx at the bottom.

These are all from 2008. Another Bowman gold as well as the Xfractor version of Topps Chrome. Another Finest and instead of a mini A&G, you get the Home State version. You also get a Sweet Spot and a X-ponential insert from the Upper Deck side of things. I do like both of the Upper Deck's, the Sweet Spot with no borders and the colorful insert.

Hey look, another Bowman and it's not gold. The bronze version of the 206's and the die cut X is cool, I already had the 2008 version. Another A&G mini and the only non-parallel of the group of 2009's is the 1960 look-a-like Heritage.

As you can see, the Konerko collection is still going. I purchased all these the same time I did the last group, they just didn't make it to my Sportlots box before I shipped so they were delayed another month. Don't worry though, I have more of PK to show with this grouping.

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  1. It's cool that you kept your ticket stubs from that era. I have a few ticket stubs from over the years, but most have been lost over the years. As for your PK's... the 2008 Chrome Xfractor would be my favorite. Love that set.


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