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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Twins cards on here?

A quick post before I head to bed. I just watched Michigan basketball team play like the football team did last season. I'm just going to forget that game happened, hopefully they can before Thursday.

I picked up a lot of this guys cards before he played for the Sox.

I picked up this 2002 Fleer Ultra of AJ, I kind of like this close up of the catcher's gear.

The Topps section of 2002. The color of those flagship never did grow on me. Love the concept of Total but I wish it wasn't an online purchase thing like it is now.

Also picked up a couple of Upper Deck in 2002.

Next up we have 2003's. I do like those Donruss cards at the top, probably the lack of a border.

A couple of 2003 Fleer. Another no border card and an action shot you don't see often at that.

A couple of Leaf cards. The scanner kills the Certified Materials, it's a better looking card in person.

As is this card. This is from Playoff.

Last but not least, the Upper Deck section. 

I picked up so many cards from 2003 that you'll have to see the Topps portion in the next AJ post.

Sorry for the quick post, but I'm sleepy and heading for bed.


  1. Don't feel bad about Michigan, they were against a top5 team and will still be a top tourney seed. Try being a Kentucky fan this season. As I am typing they are about to lose and go 8-15 against a mediocre Ole Miss team that might not even make the tourney.

    I would say I am ready for baseball season, but my Rockies are probably going to battling for the top draft pick instead of a playoff spot. 2020 was bad, but 2021 seems like it is going to be even tougher for me as a sports fan.

    1. I'm not upset about them losing so much as I am the way they played. I have been there with all my teams though. Keep your head up!


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