This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Monday, February 27, 2023

Happy Birthday - Jake Ryan

Ryan was born on this day in 1992, making him 31 today.

NFL Debut - September 13th, 2015 (Packers)

Years Active - 

  • 2015-2018 (Packers)
  • 2019 (Jaguars)

Cards on TCDB - 63 cards (same as last year)

Cards I have - 5 cards (same as last year)

PC Rank - #84 (#1296 overall)

TCDB Rank - #2

Where they came from -

  • Ebay (2 cards)
  • Too Many Verlanders (2 cards)
  • Sportlots (1 card)

Happy Birthday Jake!

Sunday, February 26, 2023

the OG Crew

I got all my new "Vintage" logged into TCDB today. I added 3,203 cards, all from the 80's. All for free. I didn't have the time to log them on my spreadsheets yet but they are logged in at TCDB which is where I check to see if I have something so that was the goal.

I finished logging those just in time to watch Michigan beat Wisconsin. We are desperate for wins so we definitely needed that.

Nothing too flashy up here since this is a relatively new collection so I have lots of commons that I need to pick up. Each scan came from a different person or place but other than the last scan, they were all free and I only payed a few bucks for the last 4.

These 12 cards move the former Fab Fiver up to a nice round number of 50 cards.

Since we're doing Fab Fiver's, let throw this guy in as well.

The top 2 came from the sorting so they were freebies but the bottom one I paid a buck for at the South Bend show.

These 3 cards of our current head coach give me 27 of him which fits with TCDB as Webber has double the amount of cards as Howard.

Don't worry, I have some of the other successful Fab Fiver as well.

I also got these 2 cards from the sorting of all those cards that came to Sluggo's and they give me 26 of Jalen.

I guess it was fitting on the day we get a big win in basketball that the Fab Five come up as they are the reason that I am a Michigan fan.

Saturday, February 25, 2023

A ton of cards

I told you all about the 200,000+ cards that Kevin and I took in, we've sorted about half of them so far and Kevin is in Tennessee so I've actually got the chance to work on my own cards. As we've been sorting, I've been pulling all the stuff for my Vintage Collection as well as all the White Sox and PC stuff. There isn't hardly any PC stuff as most of these cards are commons but there was some. I got those logged in after work yesterday. Today I went through about 1000 White Sox cards and logged in 198 new ones. Tomorrow, I plan on hitting the vintage stuff. Most of that, I've already checked against my lists to see if I need it because they were stacked together so I'd have 500 or 1000 cards all of the same year so it was easy to go through them as I was sorting. So I'm guessing at least 95% of these are going into my collection.

I already put them in stacks by years. Topps is the top row, Fleer the middle and Donruss at the bottom row. As you can see, I have my work cut out for me. I'm hoping to get it all done tomorrow and then after work on Monday, I'll take the box I sorted back to the LCS and start going over to Kevin's again to work on more sorting. We'll see what goodies I can find then.

On to today's post though. We've hit the team collection portion. Before, I scanned everything I picked up and would post it because I wasn't picking up all that many cards. Well now, I'm getting a bunch all at once so after this post, I'll just start showing highlights. That's next time, today, I'm going to be posting a ton of cards so I'll just get to it.

This was another Christmas gift from Dennis. This is one of my favorite sets that shows college uniforms. I think it's the vintage look to them.

This was a freebie for sorting for the LCS. I don't see too many Chris Perry cards anymore.

I grabbed this at the South Bend show when Kevin bought 4 dollar boxes from someone else set up at the show. I of course, picked through it when he grabbed them.

This was another freebie for sorting for Sluggo. It's almost Panini like before all the colorful Panini's were around.

Both of these came from my brother's sorting. I didn't realize Fleer had a college basketball Greats of the Game. I'm loving that set.

Lastly, this came from the Hollister's box we bought so I paid a couple of bucks for this Purple parallel of the score card. You can never go wrong with Brady in the Maize and Blue.

I have a ton of Sox cards to show so I'm just going to post them all. I promise, next time it won't be this bad. I've just been really behind and I picked up a lot of cards.

Picked up both of these from Curtis at the Plymouth show. I always try to buy a few things from him just because I like him.

These both came from Fred at work.

These 4 are more that came from Dennis. He always sends autos and relics. He's the only blogger I still trade with and you can see why.

All of the above came from my LCS, the majority of it I didn't pay for but I did some. That last box is all the Frank Thomas cards I added from the box of 5000 that I brought home.

I picked up both of these at the South Bend show from the aforementioned boxes that we bought.

I grabbed this last scan from the Hollister box we picked up in Lansing.

All of these last scans came from Sluggo at various points in the last 3 months.

Lastly, these 2 cards were part of my Christmas package from my mom. Both relics & autographs, both numbered under 100. A great way to finish off this post.

I know it's a lot of cards so I decided to look and see, I'm now at 10,660 Chicago White Sox Cards.

I went and checked for the hell of it, and I'm also at 960 cards in the Michigan Collection.

Friday, February 24, 2023

Tier 3's in 3's

This is my first weekend free of doing card shows in 7 weeks. I'm really looking forward to sleeping in for 2 days. I like doing the shows but they generally take most of the day. Most of them run 10-3 and we drive as far as 2 1/2 to 3 hours so tack that time in front and back of the show hours and it makes for a long day.

We'll start off this Tier 3 post with a Chrome Refractor of Zimmy. This was in the Christmas package from Dennis which tells you how far behind I am and why I've gone to 3 players per post to get caught up. 

The one on the left is a Panini Capstone which I had never heard of. The right one is the Holo Orange.

This dual relic is serial numbered to /50 and it's as shiny as it looks. I picked up the last 3 cards for a grand total of $2. Technically, I didn't pay for the top 2 and the dual relic was the $2. I grabbed the top 2 while sorting for the LCS and I bought the bottom one at the shop.

These 4 cards give me 388 cards of Ryan Zimmerman.

I grabbed this while doing the above mentioned sorting for the LCS. I didn't even know this was a regular set. All I've ever seen were the autographs that came out of it. Love the powder blue Expos uniforms.

I also picked these up from sorting, only this time from Sluggo's. Obviously, these are both parallels of the Mosaic set. 

These 3 cards give me 315 of the Kid.

This came from Sluggo as well, he was attempting to complete the '74 set a long time ago and just ran across the box that had them in it. Since I'm attempting the set (along with all the others) he gave the box to me. There were a few stars still in there, such as this one. It's a little miscut but I don't mind. It is now my oldest base card of Yaz. I have a couple of leaders cards from 1971 but this is my oldest actual player card.

I picked up this Short Print from the box we purchased from Hollister's. I paid $3 for it. I'm not real sure of that photo but whatever. It looks very photoshopped to me, and rather poorly considering technology these days.

These 2 cards of Yaz give me 161 cards of him.

Just in case you weren't counting, all of the cards above