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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Lottsa Cards

I have lots of cards to show and I'm sleepy so let's get to it.

1987 Donruss from my LCS found sorting for him.

1987 Fleer from my LCS found sorting cards.

More 1987 fleer, these are from Kevin while sorting his cards.

1986 Fleer from my LCS.

1986 Fleer from Kevin.

1985 Donruss from Kevin.

1984 Topps from Kevin.

1984 Donruss from Kevin.

1983 Topps from my LCS.

Another 1983 from Sluggo

1983 Topps from my son, the only card I needed out of the repack he bought me.

1983 Fleer from my LCS.

1982 Topps from my LCS.

1982 Topps from Kevin.

1982 Fleer from my LCS.

1982 Donruss from Kevin.

1981 Donruss from Kevin.

1980 Topps from my LCS.

This is the first card on this post that I paid for. This 1972 Topps was in the half off box that Kevin bought from Hollister so I only paid $2.

A 1985 Topps from my LCS,

Last but not least, this 1964 that also came from my LCS.

Lots of vintage up there, very cheap in total for all of it. Cards as old as 50 plus years. If you add up everything, I paid less than $5 for all of it. The majority of it free as payment for sorting cards for Kevin and the LCS.


  1. Very nice haul, and for less than $5 too! Congrats!

  2. Great stuff! That '72 Reggie alone makes this a fantastic deal for you.

  3. That 1983 Topps RB card of Rickey immediately took me back to my childhood. Love that photo of him getting ready to run.


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