This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday Sox cards

I'm starting the week off right with cards in the mail. It's just to bad Monday also signifies going back to work. Both cards came from the same seller, I've been winning a bunch of his. I don't know why because I don't do anything different then I do with other sellers but that's the way it's worked out.

2012 Topps Chrome Refractor
That's right, a refractor for the White Sox Collection. For only $.20/shipped. Although Dunn underperformed for us, maybe that's why his card was cheap.

2012 Topps Chrome Refractor
What? Another refractor, only of Paul Konerko. He was great for the Sox for years, surely I paid more for this card? Well, I did, this Paul Konerko Collection card cost me a whopping quarter/shipped.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturday Mail Day

I received the rare Saturday mailing. It's actually not rare to get them on Saturday, I just don't get as many as I used to so they are all rare. One envelope containing 3 cards, all from 1992 and all for a quarter. This seller made me pay my max bid by putting the starting bid at a quarter and I still managed to win 3.

1992 O-Pee-Chee
I picked this up without even looking to see if I have it because I have so few actual O-Pee-Chee (not Upper Deck) cards. I'm posting it assuming I don't have it in the White Sox Collection.

1992 Studio

1992 Donruss Triple Play
I also picked up these 2 for the Jim Abbott Collection. These 2 cards put that collection at 86 cards, slowly closing in on that century mark.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hail yeah

I did receive one envelope in the mail today. I almost forgot that I had it, it's about bedtime and I have to throw up this post real quick.

2012 Upper Deck
Thai is one thing I love about football cards that baseball cards don't do, college uniforms. Granted, with baseball, they are usually a few years removed from college before they finally make the pros, that's if they even bothered with college. They should do a small draft set every year like Bowman, only with college uniforms. Anyways, I picked up this Michigan icon for only $.20/shipped. It's my first Michigan pick-up of the year.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Canadian White Sox

I got my first of probably many packages from a certain Canadian seller. I've been winning some of his cards and he has some ending for about 4 or 5 days in a row so I wait until he has an evening that nothing is ending and I pay for what I've won over the last week. The fees are cheaper for him if he gets a lump sum as well as shipping them all at once instead of an envelope daily. How he can afford to offer free shipping, from Canada, is beyond me, especially when you see the prices I paid. All of these cards go to the White Sox Collection.

2013 Topps Mini Chasing History
Topps is really taking advantage of us collector's with all the mini's. I picked up this Adam Dunn for $.16/shipped.

2014 Donruss the Rookies

2014 Donruss the Rookies

2014 Donruss the Rookies
I also picked up these 3 from the new Donruss. I got the Matt Davidson and Erik Johnson for $.16/shipped each and the Marcus Semien for $.15/shipped.

2015 Donruss Preferred Bronze
Another Donruss, only this one isn't a rookie, he's an All-Star. I got this Jose Abreu for a quarter/shipped.

2012 Topps Gold Sparkle

2012 Topps Gold Sparkle
I also picked up these 2 gold sparkle cards on the cheap. The Gordon Beckham came to me for $.15/shipped and the Matt Thornton for a quarter/shipped.

2003 Fleer Showcase
Last but not least, one of our many superstar rookies that didn't pan out. I picked up this card of Joe Borchard for $.15/shipped as well.

Friday, January 20, 2017

A rare find, sorta

I got one card in the mail and it was for a collection that I don't cards for very often. I don't even see them listed very often. That may be because I only search for cards under a quarter so maybe his cards are just so expensive that nobody starts them off that low. I'm pretty sure that's not it but it's what I choose to believe. I can get a ton of Cal Ripken Jr cards because he didn't really do anything in baseball but this guy, I can't find cheap because everybody loves him. Want to know who it is? Let's take a look.

2015 Topps Mini
So I might of lied a little bit. What I said was true, I get all kinds of Ripken cards and I rarely add AJ cards but I'm pretty sure what I told you on why isn't true. Well, it is now because it's on the internet and everything on the internet is the truth. In case you didn't read the caption on the picture, that isn't a 2015 Topps but a 2015 Topps Mini. According to baseballcardpedia.com, less than 1,000 of these sets were produced so there's that as well. I managed to pick it up for $.16/shipped.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Chris Sale when he was with the right Sox

2 days in a row with cards, Woo Hoo! I didn't think I had gotten any cards because the mail box was empty this afternoon but later this evening, there was a knock at the door. I sent my son to the door because I was eating and there was a small envelope on the step. Apparently I got cards, but the seller sent them UPS. If it's not expensive enough to ship me card via USPS, this guy sent them UPS. Wait until you see exactly how much I paid for the shipping.

Both of these cards go to the Chris Sale Collection as well as the White Sox Collection.

2014 Panini Prizm

2015 Topps Gypsy Queen
I got both of these from the same seller for the whopping price of $.30/shipped. That's right, 15 cents each, cheaper than one stamp but did he use that one stamp, nope, he shipped them UPS which I'm sure is fairly cheap in a small bubble mailer and all but is it cheaper than $.30? Um, no. I really don't understand how these people continue to do it but oh well, it makes it easier on me.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

2 Collections in one

I finally got some mail, I've got plenty of cards coming, they just haven't been coming. I got one envelope with a few cards in it. All going to the Vintage Collection and the White Sox Collection.

1970 Topps
I picked up this for $.23/shipped.

1970 Topps
I picked up this one for $.16/shipped.

1970 Topps
I got this one for $.23/shipped.

All in all, not bad when you can get 3 cards from 1970 for under a quarter a piece. They also go to two different collection so technically, it's 6 cards towards the collection.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Random PC Cards

It's been another very slow week in the mail department. I only got one card all week. I did get a lot done again on getting everything listed on Google docs. I'm up to September of 2012 (7,002 cards) off of this blog as far as listing cards. It's a slow (very slow) process but I can't wait until it's done and I look at all that organization.

Tier 1 Player Collections


Collection - Tom Seaver
Card - 2012 Topps Golden Moments
Player - Tom Seaver
Acquired - Purchased
Price - $.44
From - COMC
When - January, 2013

Tier 2 Player Collections

Collection - Barry Larkin
Card - 1997 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Stick-Ums
Player - Barry Larkin
Team - Cincinnati Reds
Acquired - Purchased
Price - $.40
From - Ebay
When - February, 2016

Tier 3 Player Collections

Collection - Ryan Zimmerman
Card - 2007 Topps Chrome Generation Now
Player - Ryan Zimmerman
Team - Washington Nationals
Acquired - Purchased
Price - $/16
From - Ebay
When - February, 2016

Michigan Team Collection

Collection - Michigan
Card - 2010 Upper Deck SP Authentic
Player - Chad Henne
Team - Michigan Wolverines
Acquired - Unknown
Price - Unknown
From - Unknown
When - 2011

White Sox Team Collection

Collection - White Sox
Card - 2004 Upper Deck SP Prospects
Player - Eduardo Villacis
Team - Chicago White Sox, Kansas City Royals
Acquired - Purchased
Price - Unknown
From - Box Break
When - August, 2012

Vintage Collection - 1950's


Collection - White SoxVintage
Card - 1958 Topps
Player - Sherm Lollar
Acquired - Purchased
Price - $.71
From - Ebay
When - October, 2012

Vintage Collection - 1960's

Collection - Vintage
Card - 1968 Topps
Player - Sam Bowens
Acquired - Purchased
Price - $.10
From - Card Show
When - October, 2015

Vintage Collection - 1970's

Collection - White SoxVintage
Card - 1978 Topps
Player - Alan Bannister
Acquired - Purchased
Price - $.50
From - Ebay
When - March, 2016

Vintage Collection - 1980's

Collection - Vintage
Card - 1984 Topps
Player - Jeff Russell
Acquired - Trade
From - 2x3 Heroes
When - March, 2016

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Jim Abbott collection

I got my first card in the mail for the week. On a Wednesday, which is odd because we rarely get mail on Wednesday. It's usually just the local fliers, it's rare to have any envelopes, even bills on a Wednesday.

1989 Bowman
It's always good to add another card to any collection but when I get to add one for $.06/shipped, it's even better. This is my 84th card of Jim Abbott Collection.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Random PC cards from my collection

I'm pretty much spending most of my day on my card blogs. For those that don't know, I'm in the process of getting scans of all my cards in one place. That place is currently at My Personal Collections blog. I currently have 6090 cards shown there. I also have a blog set up for every collection that I have where I put scans in as well. I don't really advertise those as they are more for me but if you want to check them out, I believe there are links on my profile page under my blogs. I also link to those blogs when I post a card and say what collection it belongs to.

I'm also trying to get all my cards cataloged on a Google Spreadsheet, where I have the card info along with when, where and how much I got them for. That doc is not at 6339 items. What all is involved in this, is I'm going through all my past posts on this blog and putting down the cards I show and where they came from. That won't cover every card I've gotten because I didn't post every card, just highlights of bigger packages. So once I get everything on my blog down on that document, then comes actually going through my cards on hand and seeing what I haven't added yet and add those. It's a huge project and I've been working on it for awhile but it more or less gives me something to do when I'm just sitting on my ass in front of the TV. Anyways, that's what I'm spending my Sunday doing. I've already added 75 new photos to My Personal Collections and downloaded/scanned another 65 cards to put on there another day.

Next up, I'm going back to the last blog post I left on from January 12th, 2012 and start typing in the cards and I'll probably do that into this evening when I finally get tired of it. I gotta say I do enjoy these days when I have nothing to do. With all the holiday festivities lately, I've had lots of days off but very few where I had no plans.

Anyways, I figured I'd take a moment out of that activity and put a random post today since I didn't get much in the mail in the past week so I didn't post much. I'm going to do a random card from each of my tiers of my player collections and 1 each from both of my team collections and one from each decade of the vintage collection. So you should get 8 cards here. I've randomed, let's see what comes up.

Tier 1


Collection - Paul Konerko
Card - 1995 Upper Deck Minors
Player - Paul Konerko
Team - Los Angeles Dodgers
Acquired - Purchased
Price - $.44
From - COMC
When - January, 2013

Tier 2

Collection - Carlton Fisk, White Sox
Card - 1985 Leaf
Player - Carlton Fisk
Team - Chicago White Sox
Acquired - Purchased
Price - $.48
From - Ebay
When - June, 2016

Tier 3

Collection - Steve Carlton, Vintage
Card - 1980 Topps
Player - Steve Carlton
Acquired - Trade
From - Sluggo
When - December, 2015

Collection - Michigan
Card - 2015 Panini Michigan Team Collection
Player - History
Team - Michigan Wolverines
Acquired - Trade
When - December, 2015

Collection - White Sox
Card - 1988 Pacific Eight Men Out
Player - na
Team - Chicago White Sox
Acquired - Trade
When - October, 2011

Collection - Vintage, White Sox
Card - 1958 Topps
Player - Jim Wilson
Acquired - Trade
From - 2x3 Heroes
When - March, 2016

Collection - Vintage
Card - 1967 Topps
Player - Hal Woodeshick
Acquired - Purchased
Price - $.10
From - Card Show
When - October, 2015

Collection - Vintage
Card - 1979 Topps
Player - Craig Reynolds
Acquired - Trade
When - April, 2016


Collection - Vintage
Card - 1981 Topps
Player - John Tudor
Acquired - Trade
When - January, 2012

Friday, January 6, 2017

Finally, some mail this week

I got 2 envelopes today. It was nice to see after not getting anything since last Saturday. On the other hand, I've been getting caught up on all my baseball card related stuff I'm working on.

The first envelope came with 2 cards, both player collections.

2002 Topps Archives
I picked up this vintage look-a-like for the Gary Carter Collection. I remember how awesome the Topps Archives were back then, I didn't mind the copied cards of the past because at the time, they were the only modern cards to get vintage players from. Now, damn near every set has those players. I picked this one up for $.23/shipped.

1998 Skybox Metal Universe
I also picked up this cool looking Metal card. This was my favorite year of these cards because I liked only having the metal as the background. It makes the player pop. Although, the actual card shows the background a lot more than this scan does. This pickup for the Barry Larkin Collection came to me for $.22/shipped.

The next envelope had 3 cards in it but only 1 player collection card.

1992 Score
I got this for the Cal Ripken Jr Collection. I picked this one up for $.19/shipped. Kind of an odd shot, I assume the locamotive has to do with his nickname "Iron Man". If I wasn't so old and could read the really small print on the back, I probably could verify that.

2013 Topps Chrome XFractor
The seller had listed a few White Sox refractors and I pulled a couple for the White Sox Collection. I don't think $.19/shipped is to high for an XFractor.

2012 Topps Chrome Purple Refractor
As you can tell, I won another Sox refractor. Even though it looks blue in the scan, it's actually a purple border. I also grabbed this refractor for $.19/shipped.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

One Card Sunday

I got one card yesterday and for most of you, it won't be anything special but it is to this White Sox fan. It's listed as a high number and I know those were released seperately but I don't know if they were short printed like they were back then. Either way, I only paid $.15/shipped for it.

2016 Topps Heritage
Even though his wins stat doesn't show it, he is a very dominant pitcher and I'm happy to add this card to the White Sox Collection.