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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Oh No! Not another one.

Sorry!  I haven’t been around too much lately.  The blog is been kind of on autopilot.  It’s been a busy week.

I bought a value pack of 2011 Update and was planning on opening with my kids. They had never opened any baseball cards with me, but they have obviously seen me mess with them being as I do it all the time. So before I opened it, I talked to both and asked if they would even be interested in it.  I made sure that they understood that it was ok if they didn't and that I would rather know before I go buying them packs. My 9 year old daughter said from the start that she didn't think she would be interested but my son said he thought he would. So we all opened them up, 2 packs a piece. My daughter kind of skimmed through them and was done. My son on the other hand, opened his pack and as soon as he looked at one, he would set it down, then look at the next one, then set it beside the other one. He started to put the sparkly and the gold one in the same pile.  Once he got all the cards laid out and I gave him mine and he grabbed the ones my daughter opened. He started to sort them by team.


I got excited watching him sort them out.  I’m trying not to be, because it may not be anything he sticks with, but it’s tough.  Of course, the worst part is my daughter is a White Sox fan, but my son is a Cubs fan.  He’s a momma’s boy, and now you understand why we divorced.  I couldn’t live with a Cubs fan anymore.  Just kidding, of course.  But I do make fun of my son because he claims to be a Cubs fan.

When he finished sorting them, he asked for a box like I use, so I grabbed a 250 count box and gave it to him.  He grabbed them team by team and put them away.  If he sticks with it, I’ll have to show him pages and albums.  And buy lots of packs, and teach him about inserts, and parallels, and seriel numbered, relics and autographs!!!!!

But I’m trying not to be excited. 

Trying being the key word.

I sent the above picture to my mom, her response “Oh no, not another one.”

And for the record, he didn’t get any White Sox cards, but he did the Cubs.  Even got an insert.  At least his luck is better than mine.


  1. That is great ! I really don't think I have many pictures of our sons with baseball cards. I'm not sure why not, and I wish I did.
    Maybe the Cubbies will win a WS in the near future and then your son can make fun of the "'ole man" !!

  2. Good for you, kid! Cubs win, Cubs win!

  3. lol on sprouting another (maybe)cubs fan. it really is great when they wanna do something just like dad. now its tuggin at my heartstrings...

  4. I don't get moms. What's the kid supposed to do? Knit?

  5. Thanks everybody, except those that said they were glad he was rooting for the Cubs. You guys are banned!

  6. Priceless. Great post! I can't wait to reach this point with my own kids. Of course, right now, my daughter would apply lip gloss to the cards and my son would try to eat them.

  7. My 7 year old son wants nothing to do with cards. My 4 year old daughter however gets out all the cards I have given her every time I get out my cards. She like "special one" which means Sportsflics and shiny cards.