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Friday, February 24, 2012

Trade with the Dimwit

Before I get into the trade, I finally got my stuff scanned tonight.  Now it’s a matter of getting them typed up and ready to post.  But I can do that on the comfort of my couch, with my feet up.  ZZZZZZZZ

I made a trade with Sam a little while ago, I thought I had posted this already but the scan’s were still in my “scanned and waiting” folder so I went searching and sure enough, no post.  So here goes.

Sam contacted me with some Sox cards he had but I didn’t have much to send him.  So I told him to give me some time and I’d pick some up, which I did.  Shipped them off to him and here’s my return package, or at least the highlights.


Some Topps gold cards.  I don’t think I have very many of these.  I’ve always liked these parallels.  I hate parallels because it’s more cards to collect as a team collector, but I have to admit, I do like some of them.  I’ve always liked the gold, and I liked the original sparkly diamond ones, I didn’t care that they started going with cognac and whatever else they had.  The hope diamond ones look cool but the odds make them a lot harder to get.


Absolutely love these cards.  I believe I have the Michael Jordan white one but I know I don’t have the green framed.  And if you remember my photo cleansing posts, I was a big MJ fan.  Plus, the Big Hurt, one of the greatest Sox ever.  And I’ve grown quite a bit of fondness to Aparicio so to get a green framed, awesome.  I really do love the Masterpieces set.


I’m not positive what the Thomas blue card is but I believe I have the Tom Seaver one that I picked up at a card show awhile back.  I didn’t even know Rios had a Kimball card but I like it.  And you can never go wrong with vintage, even if it is a reprint of a vintage.


Tadahito was a huge part of our 2005 championship and it’s a great looking prospect card.  The Konerko goes into my player collection which I am always grateful to add to.  Plus it’s got a cool, shiny look to it.


And on top of all those great cards, he throws in these 3 relics.  A Paulie bat card, which I believe is my first bat card of his.  A Danks A&G, I like these framed mini relics.  Plus it has a jersey stripe to boot.  And I assume the Carlos Lee is a dupe for Sam since he’s an Astros fan.  Either way, it’s a great card.

Thanks for the great trade Sam, be sure to check out “The Daily Dimwit”, one of the best card blogs out there.


  1. I sent you the AG Relic today, along with a handful of misc. sox cards that were part of the "desk clearing" procedures...

    1. Thanks, I appreciate the offer on the card.