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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Card Show Awesomeness

Our quarterly card show was here this weekend.  Yeah, once, every 3 months, that’s pathetic, but that’s the way it is around here anymore.  It’s never much to brag about.  And that’s the way it started here.  It was advertised as 40 tables.  Now to me, that means 40 dealers.  But I’m wondering if they actually counted the tables.  Most dealers had 3 or 4 tables, some had more.  That’s give you an idea how many people are there.  Why they spread it all out in this mall is ridiculous since they could probably squeeze them all into one end.

I remember the days of hitting up shows with my written out lists of what I had or wanted depending on the year.  Those days are over.  I got a Kindle Fire on Wednesday so after playing around for a few days, I figured out how to send my Google Docs (have/want lists) to my Kindle so I wouldn’t need an internet connection to view my documents, grabbed my daughter, I did say it was at the mall, and left.

My plan going into the show was to grab some White Sox vintage or pick up some 1973 or 1981 for my set collection.  I hit a few tables, managed to stay away from anything new.  Picked up a few cards.


Nothing too exciting.  Neither were on my have list (haven’t finished my want lists, been slacking lately), so I grabbed them and headed on.  Last time I was there, a dealer had a box of 1973’s and I was hoping he would be there again.  If he was, he didn’t have the box.

I headed to the other side of the mall.  The first couple of tables didn’t have much.  Lots of $1 base cards that I could buy on ebay for half that shipped.  I was disappointed, but I figure I’d hit the last couple of table.  As I walked up to the last bunch of tables, I saw a light shining on a table.  I heard harp’s playing over the intercom.  A whole table of vintage.  And I’m not talking 70’s vintage, I’m talking 50’s and 60’s vintage.  Let me put it this way, I grabbed everything I wanted and then had to put a bunch back because I just couldn’t afford to spend that much.  But I came away with lots of goodies regardless.  Lots of pictures from here on out.


I know, more 70’s, but at .50 a piece, I couldn’t resist.


He had a whole book of 67’s marked at $1/each.  They were in numerical order so I started at the back because I know a lot of the vintage sets have short printed the last series.  I don’t know which years they did it, and which they didn’t.  But it didn’t matter, the book only went to 300 and something so I figured he probably took the high numbers out.  But I grabbed all the Sox cards in it that I didn’t have, which wasn’t hard since I think I only had the Hoyt Wilhelm. I grabbed the above 9 as well as the following 3.


But wait, there’s more.


Grabbed both these 62’s on accident.  Could have saved myself a few bucks for other cards.  I think it was the bright light shining over the table.  It was in my eyes.  Or I was just too excited and didn’t notice the dupe.  It was probably the second one.


Also grabbed these 2 Post cards from ‘61 and ‘62.  I’ve come across of a number of these in $1 boxes around here so I don’t think they are real hard to find, but I would assume the number of them wouldn’t be as high as a regular ‘61 or ‘62.  But that’s just a guess but what would I know.  Anybody have a clue about any kind of print run?



Lots of 1960’s, also at $1 each.  Except the Aparicio, it was a few bucks.  But well worth the money.


The 2 on the left are ‘60’s also.  I scanned it with the ‘59 because I had scanned them before I looked up the years and thought they were all ‘59’s.  Oops.  Big circles, headshots, Topps did it to me on purpose.  I don’t know my vintage as well being as I wasn’t around back then.


1958’s.  That’s right.  I’m still not done.  What turned into a crappy day at the card show, turned out pretty awesome.


Yup, even a couple of 57’s.  I’m getting as excited typing these out as I was when I came across the table.  I’m sure you all can admit how awesome the above cards are.

All in all, I paid $45 at that final table, so I spent less than $50 at the show.  Considering I was ready to walk away after $2, I think that one table turned my day around.


  1. Great pick ups. Vintage for a good price, of your favorite team, is always awesome.

  2. WOW... I dont have mall card shows by me any more i acutally miss them. Congrats on the haul

  3. what a nice haul. vintage absolutely rules.
    it looks like most of the stuff is in great condition too. if they were dodgers, i mighta heard harps too.

  4. Thanks everybody! I was extremely happy, still am, with this shows haul.

  5. Nicely done! That's a lot if vintage goodness.