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Monday, February 6, 2012

Ebay pick-ups

If you follow me over at “Too Many Manninghams” then you know I made a couple of big purchases from ebay.  Here is where you get to see the non-Michigan cards I won.  First off, some free cards.


Picked up both of these for my player collections of each for free using what little of ebay bucks I had.  I don’t remember the total amount I had but it was under $2.

All the following cards were purchased from the same seller.


Since I was already taking advantage of shipping from the seller, these were just throw in’s that he had listed in his ebay store.  I paid $1.50 each for these which is higher than I would normally pay for X-fractor’s but the more cards I got from the seller, the more I could justify spending the money because of the cheap shipping.


Not sure exactly what this is but it’s stamped “Special Olympics, Nevada, 1 of 1”.  It’s a copy of the 1995 Classic 5 sport card except the gold foil stamp in the middle.  If this is truly a 1 of 1, then it’s my first.  And I only got it for $1.25.


Another 2007 Topps Allen & Ginter bat card (I already have one of Konerko) but I won it for only $3.04 so I went ahead and got another one.  You can never have too many relic cards.  Also got this Grant Hansen auto from Donruss Elite Extra Edition Aspriations #’d /50 for $1.93.  Don’t know anything about him but he’s a Sox and it’s an auto and it’s numbered to 50.  Pretty good price in my book.


Last but not least is this Brandon McCarthy dual jersey and auto card #’d /225.  I got this Triple Threads card for $3.33.  I liked McCarthy when he played for us and if I remember correctly, I was pissed when they traded him but I haven’t heard too much since he left.  I believe he missed a bunch of last season with injury.

Along with the cards above, I also got a couple of cards to send to Dennis to complete a trade.  One, I know he’ll really enjoy.  And also a Steve Breaston auto in a Michigan uniform that I posted over on “Too Many Manninghams” for myself.  The beauty of all 9 cards that I received from that seller is that I only paid $3 to have them all shipped to me.  Which equals to just over $.33/each to ship.

I have some more stuff coming that you’ll get to see whenever I get them in so look for that, hopefully in a day or 2.


  1. My favorite is the Triple Threads, mainly because I've always liked the look of that set. Can't say I've ever heard of Hansen either, but die-cut Elite cards look great, and that's one case where I like the look of the sticker, because sometimes the clear ones just look worse.

  2. yup. the rising stars really is a nice card. you should have a TV show on getting the best deals on the bay.

  3. Those Legendary cuts are begging for on-card autos.

  4. Dennis - I really liked it to, I don't have too many triple threads because they're usually higher dollar. I really didn't think I'd win that one. The Hansen I went to put away in my Sox collection and realized I had another parallel with a black background with no die cut. So they look really good together as well.

    Stealing Home - Thanks, I don't do anything special, just takes patience. Which is why I usually buy a bunch at once then don't even get on ebay for a few weeks. I search ebay when I get bored. lol.

    Play at the Plate - I really liked the design of those 2. Usually I try to get a bunch of cards with my measly ebay bucks, but I couldn't pass on those.