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Monday, February 13, 2012

1973 Topps–Billy Williams #200, Fergie Jenkins #180

I’m collecting the 1973 set, slowly but surely. This post is the latest in my quest for the completion.


  • Card Facts – Billy Williams – Chicago Cubs – Card #200
  • Purchase Price – $.56 (Ebay lot 4/$2.24)

If you don’t know, Billy Williams was my father’s favorite player.  That’s why he is in my player collection.  He was a Rookie of the Year and a current Hall of Famer.  So there is plenty to be said about him that I won’t go into here. I actually do remember this card because I originally had a pretty decent sized player collection as a kid, and that was before they produced all the current cards.  I remember even having his rookie card (1961) and probably had most of his base through his last card (1976).


  • Card Facts – Fergie Jenkins – Chicago Cubs – Card #180
  • Purchase Price – $.56 (Ebay lot 4/$2.24)

It’s apparently a Cubs day as well as a Hall of Famer day for the 1973’s.  Fergie was a Cy Young award winner to go with the Hall of Famer.  I thought he was great when I was younger and I collected him, but I appreciate more of what he did now that I understand the stats and the game better.  It’s your typical pose.  Hopefully, he was at least on the bullpen mound and not just standing in the grass.  The card has a stain in the bottom right so I might eventually replace this.  Haven’t decided if I will or not, it’s not like I’m collecting it to sell it so does it really matter?

  • Cards posted in this set – 41
  • Total price paid – $6.27
  • Average price per card – $0.15
  • Cards left to post – 643 (including NNO Checklists)
  • Percentage posted – 41/684 (6% posted)
  • Percentage completed – 93/684 (14% completed)

Price per card went up with the 2 higher priced purchases at $.56 each.  Both Hall of Famers so you can see why I paid that price regardless.  I also moved the percentage completed up to 14% from 11% with the trade from Josh at “Royals and Randoms”.  Hopefully the randomness of how I pick what cards to show will allow you to see some of those next time.

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