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Friday, February 3, 2012

Trade with Baseball Dad

Baseball Dad of “All Tribe Baseball” fame had asked for a trade bait card that I had posted, I think it was a Ted Williams card from the 80’s.  I didn’t have much else to send him because we had just completed a trade a few weeks prior to me posting it.  So it was a small trade.  But he sent some great cards.


2011’s – Paul Konerko Opening Day, Adam Dunn Atomic (?) Refractor and Tom Seaver Diamond parallel.

I really like refractor’s.  What I don’t like is that they don’t say refractor on the backs of them anymore.  Then you got multiple parallel refractor’s on top of that.  I think they need to say exactly what it is on the back.  I like how Upper Deck puts what set it is on the back and I wish Topps would adopt that and even lists the parallels.  Some of us don’t break cases and see a whole bunch of cards to figure out the differences.  Anyways, back to these cards.  Like I said, I like refractor’s so I definitely like the Dunn.  But the price of the package for me was the Seaver Diamond parallel.  I’ve been looking at the base card of this online but they always want too much because it’s a SP.  And I love the diamond parallel in last years set so to get this card in a trade was huge for me.  Great trade package from Baseball Dad. 

But wait, there’s more….


I know he’s done this as of late, for how long, I don’t know.  But I’ve seen on other blogs, and in my previous trade with him, he throws in a pack of Donruss Estrellas.  These were the cards in that pack, all for trade if you want one.  And in those packs comes a poster, which I found out after I threw my first one out.


Be sure to check out his blog out at “All Tribe Baseball”.  Another great trade in the books.

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  1. Glad you liked the cards ! The Dunn is commonly known as an X-Fractor.They can be confusing. The Atomic refractors are serial #'d to 225 as are most of the colored refractors, except the orange, since they are more common.I first included the Spanish packs with my Diamond Anniversary team break. I sent you another since you threw out the first poster !!