This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ebay pick-ups

I finished up the 80’s on my want lists last night.  I’m slowly getting there.  No full team sets yet, but I’m within a few cards on a couple.  After I get the lists done, I’ll make more of an effort to pick up those few cards and complete the team set.

I’ve been searching Ebay most days trying to pick up cheap Sox, Wolverines and player collection cards but these I’m showing I actually picked up probably a little over a month ago.  And no, I haven’t gotten around to scanning yet, these were scanned and waiting in my folder to post.  I’ve just been slacking.  I know, shocker right?


  • Pedro Lopex – 2005 Bowman’s Best rookie autograph ($1.98)
  • Matt Long – 2006 Bowman Chrome Draft Pick autograph ($1.22)
  • Ruddy Yan – 2004 Leaf Certified Materials autograph ($1.98)
  • Ruddy Yan – 2005 Gold Leaf Rookies autograph ($1.22)

I try not to spend more than $2 on a non-star auto or relic.  As you can tell, I accomplished that with all 4 of these.  They came from a couple different lots.  I’m getting better at remembering to check the seller’s other items when I win a card.  Both these lots came with other cards that I had picked up for Dennis.  One lot was 13 cards, all auto’s or relics, and I only paid $3 to ship them.  The price paid includes the shipping cost divided between how many cards in the lot.


  • Jermaine Dye – 2006 Topps Allen & Ginter’s relic ($1.98)

This came in one of the lots that I mentioned above.  I will usually pay up to $3 for stars or players I like.  Both references are relevant with Dye to me but I still managed to keep it under $2 with the combined shipping.

I realized that I need to start keeping track of how many relics/autos I have in my PC’s.  I keep track of a total up above on the right, but I should keep a list for each player.  I think I have a couple of Dye relics.  I always liked him and I hate that he had to walk away.  I understand he had a bad year before he retired but with what he had accomplished with us, I think we could at least offered him a incentive based contract for a year and give him a chance to prove himself.  I’m glad he walked away on his terms though.  He was offered a contract with someone, that he turned down because he had said he wasn’t going to play for less than a certain price.  He didn’t get it, so he retired.

I’ve purchased some more cheap stuff, mostly base and oddball stuff.  But they would be in that stack to scan.  That stack seems to get bigger and bigger every day.  I don’t have to work this weekend, so hopefully I’ll get it done then.


  1. Nice scores, especially an on-card Bowman for less than $2. I have a Pods bat relic from 2006 Bowman Heritage, if you're ever interested.

  2. Unless the wound is too fresh...I have a 2011 Allen and Ginter Buehrle Jersey Relic on ebay right now... 25 cents

    1. I have it w/ 3.00 shipping, if your interested in it I will pull it down and cut you a deal, how about 2 bucks and Ill send it to ya? That will keep it under your 2 dollar rule even with shipping...Or if you got any gnarly Reds cards to trade?