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Friday, February 10, 2012

Contest win & trade with GCRL

I won a contest, I know, I couldn’t believe it either.  I was randomed off in Jim’s contest for commenting on his bog “Garvey Cey Russell Lopes” and plugging his new blog “Timeless Teams”.  My prize was this auto from that set.


Steve Yeager autograph from the 2004 Upper Deck Legends Timeless Teams set.  It is available for trade, if nobody claims it, it’ll go to the next Dodger collector I trade with, except Jim, being as he gave it away, I’m going to assume he doesn’t need it.   But Jim didn’t stop there, apparently he wanted to trade as well as he sent me a huge stack of White Sox cards as well.


These are just a few of the cards he sent.  Really like the Sports Illustrated card.  I like that set earlier when I collected but I don’t remember seeing that card.  The Konerko Fleer Genuine goes to my Konerko collection because I didn’t have it either.

I will definitely send a return package your way Jim but it’ll take me a little time because all you Dodger traders keep me depleted of other Dodger cards. I have a Steve Yeager auto from 2004 UD Legends Timeless Teams if you’d like.  Jusy saying.  Be sure to check out “Garvey Cey Russell Lopes” and “Timeless Teams

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  1. ha. yeah, i don't really need that yeager. glad you enjoyed the chisox!