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Monday, February 13, 2012

Have you seen the 2012’s yet?

I got my 2012 cards from Kyle over at “JABO’s” who held a box break.  I also had the Cubs and Tigers but I set those aside for trades so I won’t bother showing those.  You might have seen some 2012’s, I think there has been a post or 2 out there in blog-o-land.  But I will show the White Sox portion of the break because it’s my blog and I want too.  And yes, I’m going to show every Sox card (minus duplicates).


These are the base cards.  I do believe it’s a whole team set.  Last time I looked, www.teamsets4u.com didn’t have them listed yet, but I’ve seen team sets listed on ebay at 11 cards, so there is my brilliant detective work.


Here’s the inserts and parallel’s.  Love the Aparicio, I’m really close to pulling the trigger on starting a player collection of him.  After researching him for my Today’s 9 series, I’ve really gotten into him as a player and his cards.


And 2 cards for my current player collections.  Luckily I got 2 Konerko’s so I was able to fill both.  Only 1 of the Seaver so I need another one for my team collection as I always fill my player collections first.  I’ve been watching some of the relic cards on ebay, they aren’t real high dollar but higher than I’m willing to pay.  I can wait them out till they drop.  I’d really like the Aparicio with the ring, and I know there is another Gold Standard Seaver in his Reds uniform and a Frank Thomas in that same set that I need to get.  I haven’t investigated enough to know what all Sox cards are out there from this set.

Thanks for the break Kyle, I look forward to the next one, which I’m already signed up for.

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