This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Tier 3 Mailday

I did get a few cards in the mail yesterday. I just didn't actually get the mail out of the box until I came home from watching the Michigan game at my brothers and that was after midnight so you get them today. I wasn't in the mood to post after that game.

I received 2 envelopes with 4 cards in it. All 4 of the card are for my Tier 3 Collections as well. The first 3 were in one envelope, which you would have figured out since they are all the same type of card.

1987 Sportflicts
 Here's the first one for the Gary Carter Collection. I picked this up for $.16/shipped.

1987 Sportflics
Picked this one up for Cal Ripken Jr Collection. Only paid a quarter/shipped for this which still isn't a bad deal.

1987 Sportflict
Last but not least, as far as the 1987 Sportflics are concerned, is this one for the Mike Schmidt Collection and it only cost me $.23/shipped.

2016 Topps Bunt
I also picked up this for the Johnny Bench Collection. I don't know much about this set, what I do know is that I have to be careful bidding on these because they have digital cards as well. I don't know if they released these in packs or not or if you can only get them online. Either way, I got mine on Ebay for a quarter/shipped. I checked on Baseballcardpedia.com and according to them, they come in $.99/packs. I like to see packs cheaper just so kids can get a chance to buy packs without breaking their banks.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

This weeks cards

I didn't receive any cards in the mail today but I did get a box from UPS. My cousin (Sluggo) sent me about a 100 cards or so but I have to go through them yet, good thing it's a 4 day weekend. The only plans I have are to watch the Michigan/Florida St game tomorrow night. Other than that, I'm free. I'm hoping to get a bunch of cards logged and photographed for my other blogs/galleries.

I did, however, receive a couple of envelopes in the last couple of days while I was posting all the cards Dennis sent me.

These 4 cards (1999 Bowman Chrome) were all in one envelope but they were all listed as single auctions. All but the Chris Singleton were $.16/shipped each and the Singleton was $.18/shipped. Obviously, these all go to the White Sox Collection.

2002 Fleer Flair
I also added another card to the Barry Larkin Collection. I picked this one up for $.16/shipped as well. This card is my 108th in that collection that continues to move right along.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Giveaway from Dennis, Multiple Collections

This is the final post of the Christmas package that Dennis sent me. Last but certainly not least. This post consists of all the other cards he sent me which are just a few cards of each collection represented.

2005 Bowman
1997 Donruss Signature Series

Both of these cards go to the White Sox Collection. That is my first autograph of Mike Cameron. I like those autos because they are on card, but I remember being confused when they came out because they also look like the previous facsimile autos that have been on cards for years.

2001 Topps Golden Anniversary

2012 Topps Golden Moments
Another shared collection of ours is this former Wolverine, he sent me these 2 for the Barry Larkin Collection. These 2 cards puts that collection at 107 cards.

2016-17 Panini NBA Hoops Rookie Remembrance

2014-15 Upper Deck SPx Winning Big Materials
These are definitely appreciated, not only are they my first 2 relics of the Mitch McGary Collection but I only had 6 cards of his before these 2. Plus, you know, the Michigan jersey makes it even better.

2008 Donruss Classics
Sticking with the Wolverine connection. Here is another auto for the Mike Hart Collection. (I need to either find a better pic or scan mine, I didn't realize how bad it sucked.) This is my 38th card of Mike and my 18th autograph of his.

2005 Donruss Throwback Threads Throwback Collection
I don't get to many cards for the Billy Williams collection, this is my 62nd card of his. While they do put out some newer cards of his, they don't put them out like they do some of the superstars of yesteryear.

2004 Upper Deck SP Authentic
Dennis also threw in another card for the Tom Seaver collection. This seriel numbered card is my 336th card of his.

2006 Topps CoSigners Changing Faces Blue

2013 Topps Gypsy Queen Framed Mini Relic
Last but not least, my largest player collection. Although, technically, the top card goes into the Paul Konerko Collection and the Mark Buehrle Collection. The top card is also numbered to /125. These 2 cards put the Konerko collection at 405 cards. The bottom card makes my 15th relic of his as well.

As always Dennis went way above and beyond. Not only did he give me a few oddball stuff that goes into my collections, he also slammed me with Michael Jordan and Cal Ripken Jr cards, but wait, there's more. He also hit me up with 2 Autographs, 3 Relics and managed to hit 4 of my 6 Tier 1 collections. Thanks a lot Dennis, I truly mean it. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a great new year.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Giveaway from Dennis, Cal Ripken Jr

This is part 3 of the Christmas gift from Dennis. I'm going to knock out another player collection that he dropped a ton of on me. At least this one, he is also a collector so I know these are just dupes to him but he knocked out a bunch for me. I'm going to do this the way I did the Michael Jordan post since there is so many posts.

Technically, I did get some cards in the mail but I'd rather just finish up these posts because I already have the pictures ready. Hopefully, I'll get the last post up tomorrow.

As you can see he dropped a Ripken bomb on me. These 46 cards put the Cal Ripken Jr Collection at 318 cards. All kinds of Ripkens as well, even a CD.

Be sure to check out Dennis' blogs "Too Many Verlanders" and "Too Many Manninghams" and as I said before, hook him up with a trade because he is one of the best out there. Stay tuned for the last post of his Christmas giveaway.