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Thursday, December 29, 2016

This weeks cards

I didn't receive any cards in the mail today but I did get a box from UPS. My cousin (Sluggo) sent me about a 100 cards or so but I have to go through them yet, good thing it's a 4 day weekend. The only plans I have are to watch the Michigan/Florida St game tomorrow night. Other than that, I'm free. I'm hoping to get a bunch of cards logged and photographed for my other blogs/galleries.

I did, however, receive a couple of envelopes in the last couple of days while I was posting all the cards Dennis sent me.

These 4 cards (1999 Bowman Chrome) were all in one envelope but they were all listed as single auctions. All but the Chris Singleton were $.16/shipped each and the Singleton was $.18/shipped. Obviously, these all go to the White Sox Collection.

2002 Fleer Flair
I also added another card to the Barry Larkin Collection. I picked this one up for $.16/shipped as well. This card is my 108th in that collection that continues to move right along.

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