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Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Eve Eve Mailday

I got 3 envelopes today, 2 from the USPS, one from UPS. I'm not sure why the guy sent me 3 cards UPS when I won them for $.44/shipped combined. He must just have some money burning a hole in his pocket or something but whatever. Had he not knocked on the door while we were home, we probably would have never had seen the envelope sitting there.

The first envelope contained 3 Vintage Collection cards, and a player collection cards.

1983 Donruss
This is only my 33rd card for the 1983 Donruss set. I only paid $.15/shipped.

1985 Donruss
Another set that I don't have a lot of, this is only my 35th card of the 1985 Donruss set. I got this Eddie Murray card for a quarter/shipped which isn't bad for a Hall of Famer.

1987 Donruss
Another pretty good player picked up cheap. At least this set I'm doing better than the previous 2. This Jack Morris card is the 227th card of the 1987 Donruss set. I picked this one up for $.15/shipped as well.

1990 Donruss MVP
This one goes to the Carlton Fisk Collection as well as the White Sox Collection and it only came to me for a quarter/shipped.  It is my 144th card of that player collection.

The second envelope contained 4 Bowman cards, 1 White Sox Collection and 3 player collections.

1990 Bowman
I picked this Jack McDowell up for a whopping $.06/shipped.

1990 Bowman
This Carlton Fisk/White Sox collection card came to me for $.16/shipped. Those 2 1990 Bowman cards take my team collection down to needing 6 cards.

1989 Bowman
Even though this is a Cal Ripken Sr card, I grabbed it anyways since it has Cal Jr and Billy on it as well. Obviously, it's going to the Cal Ripken Jr collection. I picked it up for a quarter/shipped. It is the 262nd card of Cal Jr.

1989 Donruss
I grabbed another card for the Barry Larkin Collection as well. This 1989 Bowman card is my 105th card of his and I picked it up for a dime/shipped.

The 3rd envelope is the one that came from UPS. It contained 3 cards, all for the Michael Jordan collection. He had around 150 cards of his listed at a penny, all I won were these 3.

1998 Upper Deck Time Frame
This is the 7th card I've picked up like this. It's a whole insert set (I'm guessing). I nabbed this one for $.06/shipped.

1999 Upper Deck Michael Jordan Career
It's a bad crop on that card but trust me, I have the whole card. I'll have to replace it eventually. This card was a $.18/shipped. This is the 9th card I have of this insert set.

1990-91 NBA Hoops
I don't get to many of these cards from his early career so this was a nice pick-up for $.20. These 3 cards push the MJ Collection over 100 cards as it now sits at 102 cards.

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