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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Snowy Saturday Mail Day

I got 9 cards today in the mail, all in one envelope. I picked these 80's cards for the Vintage Collection

1987 Topps
Nothing real exciting here but it is the set I'm closest to finishing. I got this for $.12/shipped and it brings the 1987 Topps set to 87% completed.

1987 Donruss
Again, another not so exciting card but it is a pretty cool action shot of a bunt. I grabbed this for $.15/shipped. It puts the 1987 Donruss set at 34% completed.

1986 Donruss
Now were getting a little better, yes, it is an 1986 but it's a Donruss which I didn't have much of. Now I do though as this set is at 71% completed with this addition. I picked it up for $.15/shipped as well.

1984 Topps
Now were getting a little older (do you see the pattern). I picked up this 1984 Topps card for $.22/shipped.

1984 Topps
Another 1984 Topps, not sure I remember ever seeing this one before. I picked it up for $.15/shipped.

1984 Topps
What? Another 1984 Topps? Yep, The last of that set I promise. This one actually goes towards 2 collections as half the card makes it a White Sox Collection card as well. This card was $.12/shipped and those 3 cards put that set at 32% completed.

1982 Topps
Just a touch older but I have far less of this set as this card only puts it at 9% completed. This card came to me for $.16/shipped.

1981 Fleer
The last set featured today starts with this 1981 Fleer that I got for $.12/shipped.

1981 Fleer
Last but not least, my most expensive card, and it's a checklist. Go figure. I picked this up for $.25/shipped and those last 2 cards put the 1981 Fleer set at just under 7% completed.


  1. That Butler Donruss is a great card, in the fact of the border. The image is sooooooo blah color wise, but then the black border makes the whole thing pop.

  2. I'm thinking of a PC with just Brett Butler bunting.
    He perfected bunting for a single.