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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas Delivery

Apparently, a few weeks ago, Oscar from "All Trade Bait, All The Time" posted that he was sending out some Christmas packages to people he has traded with in the past. I read the post but didn't look to see if my zip code was listed because I haven't traded with any bloggers in a few years. After I received the cards, I went back and looked and sure enough, my old zip code was listed. He also asked for updated addresses but because I didn't think he was sending anything my way, I didn't bother to update him. Lucky for me, it's been just under a year since we moved so my change of address was still at the post office and eventually, it made it to me. Sorry about that Oscar, but a big thank you for thinking about me after all these years, I do appreciate it. Let's check out what he sent me. I'll start with cards for the White Sox Collection.

2001 Fleer Futures

1995 Pinnacle

1995 Topps Stadium Club

1995 Topps Stadium Club

1994 Fleer Flair

1990 Score

1965 Topps
That's a nice grouping of White Sox players. None of them were just average players. The 1965 Pete Ward card I got was much more loved then the photo though, not that I mind, It'll still go as part of the collection. The Tim Raines action shots are pretty cool as well.

Oscar even hit a couple of my player collections with the following cards.

1992 Fleer

1994 Topps Stadium Club

1995 Topps Stadium Club
 These 3 all go to the Cal Ripken Jr Collection which has been moving right along and is now at 260 cards.

1987 Donruss Opening Day
He added a card to the Carlton Fisk Collection as well. This is my 142nd card of him. It's always better to see him in a White Sox jersey.

2001 Fleer Futures
He also added this cool looking card for the Mark Buehrle Collection. This is a pretty slick looking card, the base cards are decent enough but the Bright Future ones are so much better. This is my 181st card of Mark Buehrle.

2012 Topps Golden Greats
I thought I had this one when I pulled it out, but apparently he has 3 cards in that insert set. This being the 3rd one I needed. My Tom Seaver Collection is now at 335 cards.

2001 Fleer Futures
This is the 3rd card from this set featured today and it's from my biggest (and probably most favorite) collection. This card gives the Paul Konerko Collection 403 cards.

A huge thanks to Oscar, be sure to check him out at "All Trade Bait, All The Time". Have a Merry Christmas Oscar and thanks for the generosity.


  1. The ROck Cover Story card is such a great photo. But it would be even better if they zoomed out about 10%.

  2. Honestly I kind of miss Fleer. Those Ripkens are great!