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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Giveaway From Dennis, Michael Jordan

This is part 2 of the Dennis Christmas giveaway. I said I was going to post these when I didn't get any mail, well, today is Sunday and Christmas so, no mail. We got through all our festivities, I came away with some awesome Michigan swag. My first since Nike took over so it's pretty great. Anyways, I'm sitting here, chilling and figured I guess I could throw up another post. Maybe you'll get part 3 tomorrow. Depends if I get any mail, I assume they are running tomorrow.

Dennis boosted 2 of my player collections, big time. Today is one of them. He sent me a bunch for the Michael Jordan Collection. After all was said in done, as in, I logged them in and looked for duplicates, he sent me a total of 37 new cards for that collection. I'll go ahead and post them all here since they all got scanned anyways for My Personal Collections blog which is basically a gallery of my cards. I'll just make them smaller so it doesn't log down your computers. Plus, most everyone out there as far as regular readers don't collect much basketball. Let's get to it.

I took me longest to log this collection, not because it's the most for one collection, because it's not, Dennis topped the 37 with another collection, but because they're basketball cards. You look at the copyright date, is it 1997? or 1997-98? or 1996-1997? Yeah, just a pain in the ass. I got them all in regardless and got photos of all of them. Makes me glad that I don't get much of anybody else as far as NBA cards are concerned. A few here and there of Michigan players and that's about it. These 37 cards boosted the Michael Jordan collection up to 142 cards.

A big thanks to Dennis for these cards, I don't get MJ cards nearly as often as I bid on them. I bet I only get 5% of the ones I bid on. They get posted all the time at a penny start, but like I said, it's not to often they go for my kind of cheapness.

Be sure to check out Dennis' blogs at "Too Many Verlanders" and "Too Many Manninghams" and also be sure to get involved with a trade because believe me, you will get the better end of the deal and he's good with that.

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