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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas giveaway from Dennis, oddballs

I got another Christmas care package from another fellow blogger. The always generous Dennis from "Too Many Verlanders" and the better "Too Many Manninghams" sent me fully packed manilla envelope. I'm hoping everything was there since it was already opened when I took it out of my mailbox. I'm not sure he could have fit much else of anything in there so I assume it was all there. I'm going to break this into multiple posts so you get to see much more of the stuff he sent. I'll post on days that I don't get anything in the mail. Actually, I may have something in the mailbox, but I didn't feel like going out to get it so it's still there.

Today, we'll do the oddball stuff.

This was actually part of his huge giveaway that he just had. He asked if I had any interest in anything and this was the only thing that would go to any of my collections. It's the box bottom, he sent me the whole box but I cut off just the bottom. This will go to the White Sox Collection because of the Ozzie Guillen up there on the top left.

This is a 1999 Topps Action Flats, it seems to be a duplicate of the card behind it which looks like a 1999 Topps but it's a touch different, the design that is because the picture is different that the original 1999 Topps. I debated on opening it to get the card out but nah, I'm going to leave it together. Obviously, this will be part of the Cal Ripken Jr Collection.

This is pretty cool, it seems to be a lapel pin or maybe even a tie pin. The picture is actually bigger than the pin. I don't really know what it is, who made it or anything else but I know I think it's pretty cool. This will go to the Carlton Fisk Collection.

That's it for the oddball stuff but don't worry, he sent me plenty of other cards to check out.


  1. The Fisk pin is from 1990 - here is what one would look like in a package.


  2. Thanks, Laurens--you're absolutely right! I believe I recall buying a couple of those, possibly with the other being Ryne Sandberg, waaaaaaaay back when they came out.

    Also, eff the USPS for taking forever to deliver your package, probably because they were apparently looking through it. They're the Topps of government services. Hopefully we'll be able to tell if anything went missing among the better stuff.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas!