This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Last couple of weeks pick-ups, part 1

*For those new to the blog, all purchases were made on Ebay (unless otherwise said) and all were under $.50/shipped.

Yesterday, I went with my Tier 1 pick-ups, there were only 2. Today, we’ll start going through the rest alphabetically so some of these will be Tier 2, some Tier 3 but all player collections.


Johnny Bench – 2010 Topps Vintage Legends


Johnny Bench1981 Topps

A vintage-ish card and a modern-ish card. Although the 1981 Topps doesn’t look right without a piece of scotch tape in the middle because the one I had as a kid had the mark from where a piece of tape got peeled off.

These 2 cards get the Johnny Bench collection up to 36 cards.


Steve Carlton – 1987 Fleer


Steve Carlton – 1982 Topps (highlight)


Steve Carlton – 2015 Topps Archetypes

2 vintage-ish and a definitely modern card. I grabbed the 1987 Fleer with all of the other Fleer I grabbed a few posts ago and the 2015 is only the 2nd one I’ve gotten from that set this year.

These 3 cards get the Steve Carlton collection to 42 cards.


Gary Carter – 2012 Topps Golden Greats


Gary Carter – 1990 Topps


Gary Carter – 1986 Topps


Gary Carter – 2002 Upper Deck Sweet Spot All-Time Classics

A couple of junk wax cards that I was surprised that I haven’t been able to pick up yet since those usually go cheap no matter who it is. The sweet spot is nice, mainly because he’s in his Expos uniform, now if it was only in color so you could see the powder blues.

These 4 cards put my Gary Carter collection at 44 cards.

I guess today’s post was all Tier 3 player collections, I went back and checked out what all I’m posting and they are all Tier 3 except 1 player. I’ll get part 2 and 3 up sometime.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Tier 1 additions

What? Posting 2 days in a row. I wasn’t replaced by someone more responsible, it’s still me.

Let’s start off with my Tier 1 pick-ups. I have more cards in those collections so I don’t get too many cards added to those very often.


Luis Aparicio collection – 2013 Topps Heritage Then and Now


Paul Konerko Collection – 1995 Upper Deck Minors Future Stock

See, only 2 cards. I usually pick up the Luis Aparicio inserts so no surprise there and even though Paul Konerko was a great ballplayer, he doesn’t get much love in the hobby, which is fine, it means I can pick up his cards cheaper.

I actually thought I had this card, only it was autographed but when I went and looked for it, it was almost the same. This card has the Future Stock emblem at the top right and the one I have autographed, doesn’t. So without taking the time to Google, I’m guessing it’s a parallel or insert.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Non player collection pick-ups

I have lots of cards to post since I haven’t been posting them regularly, so let’s get started. I’m going to start today off with a bunch of non player collections.

I picked these up at a pawn type place that specializes in movies and games but they usually have some cards lying around. Their singles are ridiculously high but once in awhile I’ll come across a box of cards, usually vintage at a decent price. These were in one of those plastic cases that holds about 100 cards. I skimmed through it just to see what years were represented and went ahead and grabbed it. It was only $5 so I took a shot at filling some vintage holes.


These 3 1982 Donruss cards didn’t add much to the set but it now sits at 48 cards.


This stack of 1984 Topps brought that set to 126 cards which is just a touch under 16% completed.


The top 7 cards were in that lot, the Chicago White Sox team card I picked up on ebay on the cheap. These 8 1974’s bring that set to 72 cards which is a touch under 11% completed.


The last of the lot (and the oldest) were some 1973 Topps. There was about 10 or 12 from this year so I was hoping I could up that set a little but it ended up that I only needed the above 2. It’s better than nothing and my cousin (Sluggo) is trying to collect this set now so I have something to send to him. These 2 cards put that set at 423 cards, or 64% completed.

I think those cards were worth the $5. I also picked up a bunch of the higher years for my vintage collection on Ebay. Since there was so many cards listed (mainly one seller), I only put a quarter on each card and hoped I didn’t win too many. That didn’t work, I won a lot more than I was expecting, check them out.


A huge stack of 1987 Fleer, which was good because I didn’t have many, but I didn’t need to drop that much cash. Oops. This stack brings that set to 99 cards which puts me dead on at 15% completed.


Another huge stack of 1987, only Donruss this time. This stack puts me at 120 cards and is a little over 18% completed.


Another huge stack, this is getting ridiculous. Although it did bring me up to 188 cards in that set. It puts me a little over 23% which is almost a quarter of the way completed.


Another stack, ugh. I’m in so much trouble. This stack of 1984 Donruss bumped me up to 90 cards and 14% completed.

All those cards from Ebay also bumped me to the doghouse. I kept saying “I wasn’t supposed to win that many”. So needless to say, I haven’t bid on too many vintage since. At least that’s what I told her.

I did also pick up 2 cards for the White Sox Collection.


2011 Topps Heritage – Chicago White Sox team card.

I wish more sets would incorporate the team cards. I enjoy them.


2015 Topps Gold – Alexei Ramirez

My first 2015. I have a bunch of 2015 base and inserts coming from my fellow White Sox fan, Jeff from 2 by 3 Heroes because he’s cool like that but I have been bidding on my non White Sox player collections and the gold parallels, I picked this one up surprisingly on the cheap.

That’s all for my non player collections, I’ll start posting the others when I get the chance, hopefully this weekend and into next week.

Monday, February 23, 2015


I’m still around, been working on my other blogs trying to get them caught up. I have taken pics of the cards I’ve purchased in the last couple of weeks, I just have to take the time to crop them and then post them here.

This post, however, is about a card I was excited about winning on Ebay only to have it taken away. Check this out.


That’s right, I won this Cal Ripken jr. rookie card at only $.54. I realize that it can be had for $4 or $5 so it’s not the card it was when I was growing up. Considering I only put a max bid of $.54, I never actually win cards like this. I’ve been bidding on rookie cards of Cal for awhile but this was the first one I won.

I paid for it later that day then forgot about it, which I always do, it makes it more fun to open the envelopes when they arrive. The next day, I get an email to my phone that says my money was refunded. I knew I didn’t have any issues with any sellers lately so I clicked the email to see what it was, and was annoyed when I saw it was this card.

His technical reason was that he no longer had the card or couldn’t fill the order but we all know what the real reason was, he didn’t want to let a Ripken rookie go for that cheap of a price. I went and checked his feedback and he had a negative for the same thing, refunded money with no explanation.

I realize it may have been a mistake, it’s happened before and it never bothered me because the cards I usually invest in aren’t anything special but I really wanted this one, damn it.