This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Non player collection pick-ups

I have lots of cards to post since I haven’t been posting them regularly, so let’s get started. I’m going to start today off with a bunch of non player collections.

I picked these up at a pawn type place that specializes in movies and games but they usually have some cards lying around. Their singles are ridiculously high but once in awhile I’ll come across a box of cards, usually vintage at a decent price. These were in one of those plastic cases that holds about 100 cards. I skimmed through it just to see what years were represented and went ahead and grabbed it. It was only $5 so I took a shot at filling some vintage holes.


These 3 1982 Donruss cards didn’t add much to the set but it now sits at 48 cards.


This stack of 1984 Topps brought that set to 126 cards which is just a touch under 16% completed.


The top 7 cards were in that lot, the Chicago White Sox team card I picked up on ebay on the cheap. These 8 1974’s bring that set to 72 cards which is a touch under 11% completed.


The last of the lot (and the oldest) were some 1973 Topps. There was about 10 or 12 from this year so I was hoping I could up that set a little but it ended up that I only needed the above 2. It’s better than nothing and my cousin (Sluggo) is trying to collect this set now so I have something to send to him. These 2 cards put that set at 423 cards, or 64% completed.

I think those cards were worth the $5. I also picked up a bunch of the higher years for my vintage collection on Ebay. Since there was so many cards listed (mainly one seller), I only put a quarter on each card and hoped I didn’t win too many. That didn’t work, I won a lot more than I was expecting, check them out.


A huge stack of 1987 Fleer, which was good because I didn’t have many, but I didn’t need to drop that much cash. Oops. This stack brings that set to 99 cards which puts me dead on at 15% completed.


Another huge stack of 1987, only Donruss this time. This stack puts me at 120 cards and is a little over 18% completed.


Another huge stack, this is getting ridiculous. Although it did bring me up to 188 cards in that set. It puts me a little over 23% which is almost a quarter of the way completed.


Another stack, ugh. I’m in so much trouble. This stack of 1984 Donruss bumped me up to 90 cards and 14% completed.

All those cards from Ebay also bumped me to the doghouse. I kept saying “I wasn’t supposed to win that many”. So needless to say, I haven’t bid on too many vintage since. At least that’s what I told her.

I did also pick up 2 cards for the White Sox Collection.


2011 Topps Heritage – Chicago White Sox team card.

I wish more sets would incorporate the team cards. I enjoy them.


2015 Topps Gold – Alexei Ramirez

My first 2015. I have a bunch of 2015 base and inserts coming from my fellow White Sox fan, Jeff from 2 by 3 Heroes because he’s cool like that but I have been bidding on my non White Sox player collections and the gold parallels, I picked this one up surprisingly on the cheap.

That’s all for my non player collections, I’ll start posting the others when I get the chance, hopefully this weekend and into next week.


  1. Do you have an '84 want list or haves list? I can add to your stack.
    I can probably get you a nice stack of '74 as well, and I'm sure you can probably knock out some of my Astros junk wax needs.