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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Last couple of weeks pick-ups, part 1

*For those new to the blog, all purchases were made on Ebay (unless otherwise said) and all were under $.50/shipped.

Yesterday, I went with my Tier 1 pick-ups, there were only 2. Today, we’ll start going through the rest alphabetically so some of these will be Tier 2, some Tier 3 but all player collections.


Johnny Bench – 2010 Topps Vintage Legends


Johnny Bench1981 Topps

A vintage-ish card and a modern-ish card. Although the 1981 Topps doesn’t look right without a piece of scotch tape in the middle because the one I had as a kid had the mark from where a piece of tape got peeled off.

These 2 cards get the Johnny Bench collection up to 36 cards.


Steve Carlton – 1987 Fleer


Steve Carlton – 1982 Topps (highlight)


Steve Carlton – 2015 Topps Archetypes

2 vintage-ish and a definitely modern card. I grabbed the 1987 Fleer with all of the other Fleer I grabbed a few posts ago and the 2015 is only the 2nd one I’ve gotten from that set this year.

These 3 cards get the Steve Carlton collection to 42 cards.


Gary Carter – 2012 Topps Golden Greats


Gary Carter – 1990 Topps


Gary Carter – 1986 Topps


Gary Carter – 2002 Upper Deck Sweet Spot All-Time Classics

A couple of junk wax cards that I was surprised that I haven’t been able to pick up yet since those usually go cheap no matter who it is. The sweet spot is nice, mainly because he’s in his Expos uniform, now if it was only in color so you could see the powder blues.

These 4 cards put my Gary Carter collection at 44 cards.

I guess today’s post was all Tier 3 player collections, I went back and checked out what all I’m posting and they are all Tier 3 except 1 player. I’ll get part 2 and 3 up sometime.

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