This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Monday, July 29, 2019

The Chase

I got one card in the mail today and one card is better than none.

This is my 2nd card of Chase, both are from Sage HIT and neither have a uniform. I'm not a fan of these because the photos are just cheesy but it is what it is. I picked this up for $.52/shipped.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Cardinal Carlton

After almost a week without any cards, I get another envelope today for 2 days in a row. Just one card today though but I don't care. Any day with new cards is a good day.

This is the 5th card I've picked up this year of Steve Carlton which considering last year I picked up exactly zero. I don't know if that's because I upped my max bid since last year or not but it was the difference on this card as I got this for $.54/shipped. $.54 is actually over my $.50 max bid but that's because apparently I've been paying taxes lately and didn't realize it. This is my 106th card of the lefty.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Huge Mail Day

Believe it or not, I haven't been absent out of laziness, this time. I actually just hadn't received any cards all week. That is, until today and than I got a bunch at once. 4 envelopes to be exact but nobody cares about that, let's get to the cards.

We'll start with the freebies. These 3 were all throw in's on one of the other packages. Now I do occasionally get extras but never cards like these. Usually throw in's are from the junk wax era. I can definitely get on board with these, especially a Stadium Club.

I actually picked up 4 of these 2002 UD Vintage, these 2 obviously go to the White Sox collection. This is my 69th card of Carlos Lee and my 62nd of Ray Durham. I picked them both up for $.25/shipped/each.

I also added a couple more of Frank Thomas cards giving me 409 cards which would place him 3rd in my player collections, if I had a player collection of him. I paid $.44/shipped and $.41/shipped for them.

I also grabbed another 2019 Heritage which puts this team collection at only needing 1 card, minus the short prints. This is also my 5th card of Nate Jones and I picked it up at $.44/shipped.

I did get 1 player collection card, actually 2 but I already had the Larkin from the same set. As you can probably guess, I grabbed this one with the above 2 that go with it. I picked this one up for $.25/shipped as well and it is my 448th card of his which is my highest amount in a player collection.

Last but not least, I picked up another Delmonico auto, it's my 3rd one in a month. I only paid $1.50/shipped for it and it's my 8th card of his and as I said, 3 of those are autographs.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

A couple of 80's shortstops

I got an envelope in the mail today, out dropped 4 cards. 1 of which I already have, oops! Sometimes I just don't feel like going through and checking and just bid anyways. I'm only out a quarter so I say screw it.

I picked up a couple more Ripken's, the Donruss version as well as the Optic. I guess this is Panini's version of base and base chrome because they are the same photos. I picked them both up for $.25/shipped/each. This player collection is now at 447 different cards which is my most for a player collection. He passed my Konerko collection last week for that distinction.

I also picked up this Optic version of Larkin for a quarter/shipped. This is my 193rd card of the former Wolverine which puts that collection as my 4th highest.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

North Side Killer

I got one single card in the mail today but I think it was a pretty good one. As hot as this player is right now, the nice thing for me, being a team collector (at least with this collection) is his rookie cards were for that other team up North. So I can pick up his White Sox cards a little cheaper, at least for now.

It's only my 6th card of Eloy but I'm happy to pick up his cards now before his name gets out there more and people start outbidding me on them. Cubs fans know him as we got him from them, and he's beaten them twice this year with HR's against them. I picked this one up $.42/shipped.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Old and New

I never thought I'd be calling 1990 & 2005 old but there you go.

I've gotten 2 envelopes in the last 2 days. I got lazy yesterday and didn't post, that just means more cards for you today.

I picked this 1990 Topps traded for $.25/shipped. It is my 10th card of Wayne.

I also picked up these 2 World Series heroes for $.25/shipped/each as well. It is my 30th card of Garland and 26th on Contreras.

I did manage a player collection card as well. I paid a little more for this one at $.50/shipped. It is my 187th card of Mark and my 3rd one of his this year.

All the cards above came from the same seller and he threw a bunch of others in as well. Mainly some 1993 Donruss, I had a couple of them but there were a few I didn't.

All 3 of these were new to me, or at least as far as TCDB is concerned but I have a bunch of cards stored in the basement that I haven't logged in yet so I probably already have them. It is my 18th card of McCaskill, 82nd card of Guillen and 27th card of Hernandez.

I also picked up this sleek pink shiny card of our starting SS who was on fire until he got injured. Hopefully when he comes back his hot season continues. This is my 13th card of Timmy and I picked it up for $.50/shipped.

I also picked up this fire card of Seaver from the same seller as the Anderson. This is my 356th different card of Seaver and the 9th card of his I picked up this year which is really good considering I only picked up 2 of his last year. I grabbed this one for only $.25/shipped.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Purchase from Sluggo

As I told you awhile ago, I spent the 4th of July week in Virginia with the in-laws. I have a cousin that I grew up with who lives about 2 hours south of them (south of Asheville, NC) so I drove down and hung out at his house for a couple of days. He does shows and stuff so I went through his $1, $3 and $5 boxes. Plus he threw in a few others from some sets he was trying to get together and had dupes. He's referred to as Sluggo on this blog because that was his nickname growing up.

I added 9 Moncada's in all, most were inserts or base but I used these 2 here because the DK is a SP and the Optic is the pink version.

I added 2 more Frank Thomas' and both are numbered. The Archives is a green back and is numbered to /150. The Donruss is a pink version numbered to /25.

The Rodon is a SP variation and the Abreu is the green version numbered to /99.

I also picked up 6 more Ripken's from him, the MVP was just cool and the Donruss is numbered to /431.

I also picked up this Zimmerman rookie and the Bench numbered to /250.

All in all, I picked out 29 cards, they book valued over $60 (he has the book value on the top loaders) and I gave him $20. It ended up being $.69 a card which is higher than I normally pay for cards but I felt the cards were worth it and he's family. I told him I'd give him a little more but he said he was cool with the $20.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Contest package

I joined a contest awhile back on Padrographs blog, I believe you had to guess how many autos/relics/serial numbered cards he pulled out of a bunch of blasters and than I think he ended up letting everyone pick one of the cards when it was done. I ended up with this card.

It doesn't go anywhere in my PC's but it's still a card I don't have so I'll keep it.

Before I get to the cards, I'll show you a few other things that he sent me.

I believe I have both books but I haven't looked yet. Either way, it's still quite a thing to get in a package. He also sent this that I'm pretty sure I don't have.

Now that is pretty cool and with definitely go into my mancave once I get rid of at least one of the kids.

As cool as that stuff was to get, he also sent me a bunch of cards as well. Including an unopened pack. Now while most wouldn't be excited about opening this particular pack, it went right with my Vintage collection so I was all into it.

1981 Donruss. Boy did opening this bring back some memories. 1981 was the first year I collected and while I opened a ton of Topps, I opened a lot less of the Fleer and Donruss, but I did open some. Out of the 18 cards in the pack, I needed 15 of them and opening this pack reminded me of how poor the mix was. Here's a screen shot of the teams represented from my log page.

If I was a Yankees or Royals fan I would have been really happy. Ended up not being a bad thing for me as I needed most of them anyways.

These were the 2 most notable names in the pack (at least to me). I collected both of them in my youth. The pack did give me 89 cards for that set which is just under 15% completed.

I'm not going to show you all the cards he sent me, 76 of them were new to my collections but I will show you some. The nice thing he did was stuck to newer cards because I had a lot less of those. The majority of those were White Sox cards (57) that I needed so I'll show some of those.

These were the 5 oldest Sox cards that I need. Not sure how I didn't have the Sosa rookie or the Thomas Bowman but apparently I didn't. Also before I received these cards, I bid on the Kip Wells card on Ebay and ended up winning it so I'm going to end up with dupes. All of the other White Sox cards were 2018 or 2019. Since we are just coming off the All-Star break, I'll show off some of our All-Stars.

Lucas looked a little shaky when he faced his first batter in the All-Star game. After walking him, he got 3 outs to finish his inning. He looked a lot more comfortable after that first batter. These 5 cards gave me 14 different of Giolito.

If I remember correctly, Abreu grounded out in his only at bat but I could be wrong. These 5 cards of Abreu gave me 63 of his cards.

I really liked this card for 2 reasons. It's only my 2nd card of McCann and it's a Topps Total. I didn't even know they were back and when Rod sent me 4 of them, I got excited. Until I read they were an online thing so I doubt I'll see very many of them which just makes me greatly appreciate the ones he sent me.

I figured I'd show off some of our young studs as well. Moncada (38 cards) could have been an All-Star with his numbers. Eloy (5 cards) has been lighting it up as he gains more experience. Kopech (9 cards) is out right now with Tommy John surgery but he should be ready to go again next season and Cease (4 cards) was just called up just before All-Star break. He won his 1st game but I'll hold judgement until he performs for awhile. Inside the parenthesis is how many cards I have of the player now.

Rod did hit 1 of my player collections with the Carlton Fisk. It is my 167th card of Fisk.

As you can see, Rod is a great guy to send me all this stuff so go and check him out at Padrographs. Thanks!