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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Plymouth Pickups

Geez, I didn't realize how far behind I was. Yesterday we did the Fort Wayne show. Last weekend we did the South Bend Show and the Saturday before that we did the Plymouth show. Which is what I'm showing today. I need to get my crap together.

First off, Jeremy who is a long time friend in the show scene. We met him at the very first show I set up at. His work schedule hasn't allowed him to do very many anymore but he popped into the show that Saturday. He brought me this card, I was pretty sure I had it but I try to always check if I have the time and I didn't. I had another variation of it. He just said I could have it.

I went through Corey's $1 box who was set up next to us. I wasn't planning on buying anything but the end of the shows always get a little slow and I get bored. I found all of these in there. Always like getting a new Scotty Pods and I liked Burger when he was here so I usually grab his Sox cards as well. The bottom 3, I have a bunch from that set so I grabbed a few that I didn't have.

  • Scott Podsednik - 35 cards
  • Jake Burger - 44 cards
  • Jonathan Stiever - 10 cards
  • Lance Lynn - 18 cards
  • Hoyt Wilhelm - 15 cards

I also picked up another Cronenworth and Zimmerman that I didn't have. I wasn't sure about the Zimmy but I didn't have the sparkle.

  • Jake Cronenworth - 86 cards
  • Ryan Zimmerman - 403 cards

He also had this 1973 Topps mixed in with all that new stuff and I happen to need it for my set. 

  • 1973 Topps - 83% complete
All of the above and the card on the right below all came from the $1 box. How much did he charge me for all that. $3. I'm telling you, it pays to make friends at these shows.

Corey said he had the card below in his showcase so I had to look, then I also saw the other card above. I love the Black Chrome Sox cards with black being one of our team colors. They look so great so I couldn't turn that card down.

  • Andrew Vaughn - 112 cards (my 2nd auto)

While I was going through his $1 box, he told me he had a Konerko auto. I was really hoping it was one I already had so I wouldn't have to buy it but it wasn't. This jersey/auto is also seriel #'d /25. The price tag on this card was $25 and the Vaughn auto was $10. He gave them both to me for $25. So much for not spending any money at this show.

  • Paul Konerko - 783 cards (6 autographs)
I don't do so good at not spending at card shows.

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