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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Sorting Pickups and more

We set up at the Fort Wayne show today and yes, I purchased a few cards and got a few for free but you'll get those once I catch up.

Today, you're going to see cards that I got from my LCS from sorting and from visiting when I was dropping off the sorting.

I got all 3 of these while sorting. The boxes I did were mostly older stuff (the Perry) with a little bit of newer stuff (Hill & Livers). I did quite a few boxes and that was all I got (which is fine).

When I went in to drop the sorted cards and pick up more, Fred gave me a few cards to see if I need. There were a couple of Sox cards but this Dylan Cease was the only one I needed.

Fred remembered that I pulled a Kobe Bufkin relic from one of the sorts so he threw these aside for me as well. I didn't have to pay for them, he said I could keep them for sorting for him.

As I was looking around, I noticed a ton of autographed mini helmets, he said he bought a collection from someone who was collecting all the Heisman winners, plus there were some oddballs. There were 2 Michigan helmets so I was looking at those. I told him I'd take the 1 because it was cheap but I was debating on the other one. After awhile, I said damn it, what do you want for the other one.

The helmet on the right has 2 signatures, Jake Ryan and Blake Countess. That was the cheap one, he only had $15 on it. The one on the left however, is the one and only, Desmond Howard. He had $50 on that one. I was going to put it on credit and pay it later. He told me when he purchased them, he got such a good deal that I could just have the helmets for all the sorting I do. I told him I'd pay for them and he knows that but he said, it's fine, keep them. Sweet!


  1. Amazing deal on the helmets, that's awesome! I can tell you from experience that you're missing nothing by not getting Des's autograph in-person. He was super late to the show where I got him to sign and was staring at his phone the whole time. Anyway, the Jake/Blake is super cool too.

  2. Very cool helmets. It's even cooler that he gifted them to you for helping out. I'd love to get Desmond on a Packers mini helmet, but after reading Dennis's comment... I won't be looking to get an in-person auto.


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