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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Cards from Big Hoss

A couple of Friday's ago, Fred (LCS owner), Kevin and I drove out to Big Hoss Cards & Collectibles in Warsaw (about 45 minutes away). Jason (owner) is a good friend and we try to run down there occasionally to support his shop.

Kevin and Jason were working out a fairly big deal while I was looking through some cheaper cards. I pulled out a small stack and was waiting on them to finish. While they were going back and forth on a price (which was between $400 and $500) I just sifting through cards and looking since they were more than I wanted to pay. I already had a small stack I was going to ask about, I narrowed it down to player collections since I really could have bought a bunch of them. Just as they were closing in on a price, I slid my stack over and said "and throw these in?" He said, sure. So I got the below on the house.

I pulled this out since it is a PC collection. It's a 1975 Hostess, the crappy cut job doesn't bother me so much. It's my 198th card of Yaz.

With adding this 1976 Topps, I'm only short his 1975 and his rookie (1973) of having all his base cards from his playing days. Although, technically, his rookie has multiple players on it so I wouldn't consider it part of the list. This is my 363rd card of Schmidt.

I need the lefties 1971 and 1976 to complete his run through the 70's with this addition. It also gives me 234 cards of Carlton.

I didn't even realize I didn't have this card. I've probably ran by it a bunch of times and didn't grab it thinking I did. Since I had some time, I actually took the time to look it up and sure enough, I needed it. This card gives me 584 cards of Seaver.

I picked out 5 different White Sox cards from the 1957 Topps set and ended up only coming home with this one. I have 14 cards from this set now, 9 of them were White Sox. There's still 14 I don't have from the team set but apparently he didn't have any of those.

Last but not least, this was in the cards that were priced above my budget but I knew he'd give me a deal so I threw it in as well.

I picked up this Kaleidoscope Orange auto of Mazi Smith. He had $10 on it, I thought it was a little overpriced but like I said, I knew he'd give me a deal. Wasn't expecting free but I'll take it. On the way home, I was showing it to Kevin and realized it was #'d /2. No wonder it cost more.

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