This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Wolverine Wednesday

I didn't get to the card room today to finish scanning, I should have time tomorrow. I took my wife to the doc to get a shot in her back and since they won't allow me to go in, I just sat in the car for an hour. I came home to drop her off and grabbed her car to take to Walmart to buy a tire and get an oil change. Guy said it would be 1 1/2 hours, I figured I'd get some walking in and did laps around the place. I stopped at the card aisle just to check, they had some 2020 Update and that was it. Anyways, after an hour and a half, I went back to the tire & lube area and I could see her car up in the lift so I figured it was about done. Wrong! I ended up sitting there for another hour before they finished. If he had told me it would be 2 1/2 hours, I would have had my wife bring me home and picked it up later. So I ended up spending a ton of time waiting around today.

Today's post is just one card, it's the last one from Jeff at 2x3 Heroes huge package. Big thanks to him for providing with great cards and great content for the blog. Hopefully he's reading this and getting together a list like he is supposed to be doing.

Jeff sent this one lone Wolverine card. I told you he hit a bunch of my collections. This is only my 4th card of the former Fab 5'er but I only collect him in the Maize and Blue.

I don't know if I'll post tomorrow so I'll leave you with have a happy and safe New Years. If you go or have a party, be safe! I plan on spending the evening watching Michigan play, it's on at 8 so it'll take a little bit of time waiting for the ball drop.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

the Kid Collection

Only 2 more posts left for 2020, 1 more after this one. I got my Sportlots package logged but I still have to scan them but I got a few days until the new year.

Today's post is another deceased HOF'er but he didn't pass this year. Actually 8 years ago but it doesn't seem like it was that long ago.

2 playing day cards with a modern card. That modern card is a pretty spectacular, it's always good to see a photo that hasn't been used. All Mets cards too which I like but I have to admit, I like seeing the Expos jerseys as well. These 3 came from Jeff again, they give me 139 cards of the Kid.

Monday, December 28, 2020

Terrific Monday

3 posts left and 4 evenings left. Perfect. I'll start off the new year with the cards I got in the mail today from Sportlots. It was a pretty huge package because I forgot to ship last month. Funny enough though, I opened the package, cleaned out the packing peanuts and grabbed one of the top packages. Flipped it over to cut the tape and who is looking back at me?

RIP Phil! It's been a hard year on former MLB players, even MLB HOF'ers have left at a lot quicker pace than I ever remember. I don't know if I'm just getting older so I'm noticing it more as some of these players I collected as a kid or if it's just a lot for the year.

Oddly enough, today's random was one of those players we've lost this year. I mentioned the other day when I did the Mark Buehrle post that MB was one of my favorite pitchers, this guy would be my favorite of all time.

These 5 cards came from Sportlots. I have to remember not to scan them this way, I can't get the photos any bigger. The first card also goes to the Johnny Bench and the Vintage collection. I was surprised I didn't have the 1983 Donruss which also goes to the Vintage collection. The middle cards are 1983 O-Pee-Chee and 1984 Topps Traded and the last card is one of the many small Fleer sets in the 80's. The 2 Sox cards also go to the White Sox collection.

These 5 all came from, you guessed it, Jeff at 2x3 Heroes. I like the look of the Warrior on the Diamond. Of course, a few vintage look a likes (Phil Niekro makes another appearance on the 1970 reprint) and I'm not sure which set the last card is supposed to be a replica of. I suppose I could Google it but I'm lazy and don't really need to know. Obviously it's the 1969 set but I don't know if they just made it for the Heritage set or if it's a replica of a subset in '69.

The 10 Tom Terrific cards on this page get my Seaver collection up to 398 cards but don't worry, it'll get over 400 once I get the new Sportlots package logged and scanned.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

My card room

I mentioned that I got a few things to put up in my card room for Christmas and I haven't really shown my new card room since I took it over.

My daughter moved out in July and I was going to leave her room alone for awhile. I still had the open den area to use for my cards but sometime in the fall, we decided to move my son into her room because her room was bigger. He spends a lot of time on the Xbox and would sit on his bed which can't be that comfortable so we decided to let him take over her room because there is room for a chair so he wouldn't have to sit on the bed all day. Since we were moving her stuff to storage and his downstairs, I figured what the hell, I'll take over his old room.

He had the smaller room, which sucked in I couldn't use the desk I was using in the den (it was huge) but we had a small desk in storage. I figured it's only for a few years and then my son will probably move out and I'll take over the bigger room and I'll be able to use the big desk again.

When you first walk in, there is a dresser just inside the door. My vintage collection and other card supplies are in this dresser.

This is the first wall to the right when you walk in. I brought the shelving unit and the old kitchen table up from the basement. The only thing on the table is the scanner but I use the table for sorting. My laptop is on there as well because I just finished scanning stuff for TCDB when I took the photos.

This is the next wall over, you can see the scanner on the table. I had to shut the blinds so you could see the walls in the photo, besides, who wants to look at snow. The dresser on the right with the TV on it has my non PC cards in the top drawer. The Sox collection (alphabetically) in the next 2 drawers and the bottom drawer has completed or close to completing vintage sets.

The next wall over is the small desk I mentioned. I do my computer work there. Anything involving actually having cards I usually do at that table previously mentioned.

This is the closet that takes up most of the last wall. You can see the side of the dresser all the way to the right when you first walk in.

This is on top of that dresser. Some Christmas stuff up still and a framed photo of the whole family in the Big House.

The following photos are the shelves on the first wall.

My grandfather passed a few years ago and this is some of the stuff I got. He was a Notre Dame (Montana) and a Cardinals fan plus I grabbed his name plate off his desk.

A bag of peanuts on the top shelf, the bottom holds that tiny paper card copy of a Carlton Fisk rookie on the left and a pin of him on the right. The middle is a Scott Podsednik bobble head.

I think these 2 shelves I've accumulated at Christmas'. The top shelf were previous ones, the bottom this year. You see Groot, a storm trooper and the Game of Thrones throne. The bottom shelf is the Mandalorian and Grogu that my mom got me this year.

The top shelf is a replica Paul Konerko statue. The bottom shelf are bats and a cork from the Louisville Slugger museum.

The top is the soap box derby car that my son made. The middle came from my daughter this Christmas. The bottom is a lunch box.

The top shelf is the box the Podsednik bobble head came in along with a White Sox media guide from 1984 and a couple World Series DVD's. The middle shelf are cards of Jim Harbaugh, Haley Atwell and William Shatner. Harbaugh you should know why I have that, Haley Atwell is Agent Carter in the Marvel movies and Shatner is obviously Captain Kirk. The bottom shelf is the box from the replica Konerko statue.

The top shelf are a couple of those 3D cards. The bottom is a Cal Ripken Jr figure and book.

These are just a couple of cups that I received.

A lot of this stuff will get replaced when I get more collectibles but because I didn't have a room to myself for so long, I didn't really look for anything.

Next, the wall stuff.

I just recently got this and finally got it framed.

This is one of the posters they used to hand out at the fan days. The photo doesn't show it well but it's in 3D.

My wife picked this up to hang off a column in the front of the house, only we don't have a column so I stole it for this room. At least until we get a column.

My daughter picked this up for me this past year, I think on my birthday and I finally hung it up this week.

This is another one of those posters they hand out on fan days. You can see if filled with autographs from that years team. I should take some time to see who all signed it. When you do the autograph sessions, you go from one player to the next fairly quickly and I did it a couple of different years so I don't remember who all we got.

My daughter got this poster and all the autographs when she did a basketball camp in Ann Arbor. I didn't even realize that photo of my mom, brother and I was on there when I took the photo. My wife just moved it in here that day.

All 3 of those posters were my kids at the time they were purchased and autographed but they have little use for them so I inherited them.

Now on to the closet.

A couple of hats hang on the closet doors. The Michigan hat on the left was autographed at one of those sessions I mentioned above.

These 2 photos are the boxes on my top shelf. The pic on the left are full of top loaders, penny sleeves and team bags. The ones on the right are all empty. The wife says throw them away but I just can't do that. You never know when you'll need one.

An autographed photo of Ron Kittle on the left, a black and white photo of Tom Seaver in the middle and a 8x10 card of Frank Thomas on the right. A 22 jumbo card set of Cal Ripken Jr sitting in the middle.

My binders. They are colorful because I just used some of the kids old ones from school. I used painters tape to label them because they change every so often as I get more cards so I wanted something I could change when need be. It doesn't look great but it's efficient.

I don't actively collect magazines but I will grab one if I see them. The left are Michigan covers, the right are White Sox covers and the middle is a sticker of Chris Sale.

The bottom shelf has a bunch of old calendar's. I get one every year at Christmas. For years, I didn't really have a place to hang them which is why most are still wrapped up. 2 years ago I got my own office at work so I hang it up there now which is why the last one looks used. When I got back to work, I'll bring home the 2020 one and add it to this and I got one to hang up for 2021 already. Last but not least, 2 monopoly games, a MLB version and a Michigan version.

It's nothing special but it is mine. Right now it's pretty clean because it's off the dining room and I leave the door open so my wife will keep it clean because it would drive her nuts. When I move to the bigger room downstairs in a few years, all bets are off because she doesn't go down there often.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

White Sox Nachos Style

I spent most of the day in my card room scanning more cards for TCDB. I posted 113 scans. I got all my player collections done, or so I thought. I was working on my autographs binder and I noticed some of my player collections were coming up with some of the cards without photos. Not just 1 or 2, I saw probably close to 10 and I know I went through all of them and added photos so I don't know what happened with the photos. The ones missing weren't ones that I posted either so I don't know why they got deleted but I guess when I finish my binders, I'll have to go back through them.

Today's post comes from Chris at Nachos Grande, I buy into his box breaks, or I used to. I still try but being as Luis Robert is on the team I collect, I get beat out by people, I assume, looking to flip his cards. I get notifications on my Facebook when he posts a new box so I don't miss them but I don't get notifications to my phone. I don't for any of the social media because I don't feel the need to be on them all the time. So by the time I get on Facebook and see there was a post, the White Sox are usually gone. I'll still be able to buy in on the older sets but those I'm more picky on just because some of them I don't really need as I already have them. Since I wasn't able to buy in on the last few boxes, I went ahead and had him ship what else I had left. 

I don't blame Chris for what happened, it's good for him because he has a better chance of filling his breaks so he doesn't lose money. Lose money and he can't do the breaks. It is what it is. Hopefully these flippers won't be around long and things can go back to normal.

I really don't remember what breaks I bought into so I'm just guessing that these 3 were all extras that Chris threw in. Although I thought I bought into a SI box but I think I got those already. He actually did a pretty good job sending ones I didn't have considering I have a ton of Frank's and the Abreu gives me 133.

These 2 were the first of that team set. I still need the Frank Thomas and the 2 numbered prospects. The Loaiza only gives me 10 cards of him.

The same for this set, these were the first 3 of the 2000 Pacific Prism. These 3 put me over half way though because there are only 5 in the team set. That Mags gives me 154 of him and 72 of Ray Durham.

The Mike Caruso on the left completes the set for me but that's because there's only 2 cards. The other being Frank Thomas which I also got from the break but I already had that one. I did however, pull the Thomas on the right which is the Radiance parallel numbered to 100 and that scans so much better than the base. It is a pretty nice card. All the Thomas' in this post give me 542 cards of his.

Thanks again Chris, hope to get in some more breaks in 2021.

Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas day, or Friday if you don't celebrate it. I didn't get any cards for Christmas, I usually don't but I did get a couple of things to add to my card room. I'll show those at a later date when I figure out where everything is going to go.

If you remember my last post I had vaguely compared Tom Seaver to Mark Buehrle but I had to share this comment on the post because it was too great for nobody to see it but me.

Love it!

Today's post is only 1 card, or rather, sticker.

This is a 1985 Fleer Sticker of Mike Schmidt. Jeff managed to hit all kinds of player collections along with his usual White Sox cards. This sticker makes it 138 cards in my collection of the Hall of Famer.

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Christmas Eve Cards

I'm just sitting here chilling. As is the tradition, the kids go to the exes on Christmas Eve so the wife and I are just relaxing. They won't be home until late so we aren't doing anything special. 

I spent most of the day working on scanning cards for TCDB. I scan them one at a time so I get the best scan possible so it takes awhile. I started the day off needing to scan 724 cards to have all the cards I have on TCDB. I'm now at 574 so I scanned 150 cards which seems like a lot more than I would have guessed. The majority of them need fronts and backs scanned but there were a few with just 1 or the other. I guess this will probably be my project since I have the next week off or at least until my Sportlots package shows up.

Today's cards are from, you guessed it, Jeff at 2x3 Heroes. This is one of my favorite pitchers, I'd probably rank him #2 behind Tom Seaver. You want to talk about 2 very different pitchers.

We'll start off with a couple of his later years when he went to Toronto. This just shows how much I liked him that I still collected him after he left the Sox.

He did send me one card with the Sox though. Topps Attax is supposed to be a game but I have no idea how it works and obviously have never played it.

These 3 cards put my Buehrle collection at 213 cards.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Christmas tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

11 days off

Today was my last day at work, for this year. 11 days off and I don't have to go back until the 4th. Next week is the big clean up week which I am usually in charge of a large part of it. This year, I said screw it, and put in vacation so they all can deal with it. I was stoked to get out today and of course the day dragged but I'm out now so it should be easy to post every day. I'll probably spend quite a bit of time working in the card room during that time.

Today's cards are of a Hall of Famer and 1 of the cards goes to 3 different collections. I just seen this guy in a couple of interviews on the segments they show on MLB Tonight & Hot Stove about their upcoming show about the players we've lost this past year.

This Bench is Fire, that's how the kids say it now a days right? I do like this set as it has a pretty cool background, I could do without all the parallel colors though.

This card hits 3 different collections as it goes to the Bench, White Sox and the Vintage collection. It also features one of those guys that we lost this year in Dick Allen but I don't know if he'll be featured in that show as is death is more recent.

These 2 both came from Jeff at 2x3 Heroes. I told you it was a big package. These 2 cards put me at 105 for his collection.