This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Monday, April 29, 2019

White Sox - 8, Nationals - 1

It's a White Sox Monday. I received 2 envelopes today with 9 cards in it. You read that right, 9 cards, and they are all White Sox cards (except one). 8 of those cards came in one envelope as someone was selling some Heritage cards and I managed to grab more than a few.

We'll start with the one non-White Sox card. I picked up this for $.50/shipped and it's my 97th card of Zimmy. Closing the gap on the century mark.

I picked up these 7 cards from Topps Heritage which gives me 11 cards for the team set and along with the Zimmerman, gives me 73 cards in the set as a whole. I paid $.15/each/shipped for the Davidson and Rodon, $.27/shipped for the Abreu, $.35/shipped for the Nova, and $.50/each/shipped Sanchez, Castillo and Anderson.

I also picked up another one of these, that's right, another. I already have this card which is why I only put a $1/shipped on it and still managed to win it for my max bid.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

A First

I got one card in the mail and it's a first for this particular player collection.

This is my first relic of Barry Larkin, out of 188 cards in the collection, this is the 1st. I'd say it's because I only pay $3 or less for relic cards but to be honest, I'm not sure I've ever come across any under $3 on the bay, at least in my searches, but I got this for $2.99/shipped.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Magglio Relic

I got a card today so we'll just do a quick post.

I figured I had a bunch of Mags because he was with us for awhile and I was right, this is my 134th which according to TCDB is my 9th biggest player collection. 7 of the 8 above him are actually player collections so he's my 2nd biggest non-player player collection. Did you follow that? It's also numbered to /400. I picked this up for $2.99/shipped.

Monday, April 22, 2019

3 More, um, Sox?

I got two envelopes today with even more cards. All Sox cards but one was for the wrong Sox.

I picked up this Chris Sale for $.22/shipped. It's the wrong Sox card but it's still a Sale card and for under a quarter, I'll take it. It's listed as a Holo Refractor, who knows if it or not, there's so many different ones I get lost. It is my 143rd Chris Sale.

I also picked up a shiny Giolito for only $.45/shipped. It's a pretty slick looking card for the White Sox Collection. This one is listed as a X-Fractor, which I believe to be true. With the wonderful TCDB I can now tell you that it's my 8th card of Lucas even though he's not a player collection.

I also managed to pick up this All-Star Relic (not game-worn but festivity worn) card for $1.85/shipped. This is also for the White Sox collection as I don't have an Abreu collection but it is my 50th card of Jose.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Sox card

I'm amazed that I'm awake enough to post this. I came down with a head cold on Thursday night and last night I got tired of fighting it so I took some prescription strength that my mom was given when she was sick. It looks just like Dayquil and I never use the little cup, I just dump some down my throat so I did that with the prescription stuff. Big mistake. Apparently it's supposed to be taken in smaller doses. I went to bed around midnight last night, woke up at 11:30 this morning where I got up, had some breakfast and hung out for about an hour before I crashed again. I pretty much slept off and on all day until about 6 this evening. I don't know what that stuff was but it kicked my ass. I'm awake now though so you'll still get the post.

I won the following card but when I opened the envelope, out came 7 cards. The seller threw in 6 base cards from 2006 Topps which I'm certainly not going to complain about but I'm also not going to take the time to scan those.

I picked up this card for the Konerko collection for $.25/shipped.  It is only my 2nd card of Konerko's that I've picked up this year but it is my 431st different card of his.

Friday, April 19, 2019

3 Hall of Famers for the price of 1

I won a card that I've tried to get multiple times and received it today, along with a little bonus.

These 2 cards were just bonus throw in's to the following purchase. Really not too shabby of cards or players considering usually I get a couple of the overproduced cards from the mid 80's which I guess these are from that era but you know what I mean.

This is the card I actually paid for, $.40/shipped at that. It's a nice pick-up as it goes in 3 collections, Fisk, White Sox and the Vintage collection. It is my 162nd card of Fisk and the 47th card for the 1983 Donruss set.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

White Sox Auto

Technically, I got 31 cards in the mail today but I'm only going to show you one. I decided to try one of those COMPLETE YOUR SETS buy it nows on Ebay. I took the set that I was closest to completing, actually, I chose between 1987 and 1985 Topps because I had the same amount of cards (709). I chose the 1985 set because it would be the cooler set to complete. I mean, 1987 set, everybody has those. So I picked up 30 cards from that set to put it at 739 cards, or 93.3% completed. I paid $4.99/shipped for the cards which equals out to just under $.17/card.

Before all you awesome people start offering to help me complete the set with a trade. I don't really trade anymore. I don't really have anything to trade with. I probably have a few dupes that I could get rid of but not enough to make the effort. So while I appreciate all the offers, thanks but no thanks.

Now, on to the 1 card I was going to show you which is probably a duplicate on this blog because I do already have it. It's a White Sox auto though and if I get them cheap enough, I'll keep dupes of autos and relics.

I only paid $1.32/shipped for this past prospect, as he's no longer even in the big leagues. Nor was he no longer with the White Sox in 2016 (his last in the league).

Monday, April 15, 2019

Canadian Fisk

Just a brief post for a quick pick-up.

I picked up this 1992 O-Pee-Chee for $.16/shipped. It is my 6th card from the O-Pee-Chee White Sox team set. I wasn't aware that I had that many until I looked it up. If you would have asked me before I looked, I would have said it was my 1st from the set. It is also my 8th card from the 1992 set and my 164th card of Carlton Fisk.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Young and the Old

I got a few cards in the mail today. One player and a couple of White Sox collecton cards. The Sox cards are from a 2019 product that I didn't have yet.

I won both of the Gypsy Queen Green Parallel cards from the same seller. I paid $.50/shipped for the Rodon and $.49/shipped for the Lopez. Two of our young pitchers who are supposed to have great upside. It is my 21st card of Carlos Rodon and only my 6th card of Reynaldo Lopez.

I also grabbed another Seaver, my 3rd of this year already. I had only picked up 2 all of last year. What's even better is this HOF'r card came to me for only $.29/shipped. It is my 353rd card of the Seaver Collection.

Monday, April 8, 2019

All 3 Tiers

I got a few envelopes in the mail today but the USPS site said I was only getting 2 so I'm thinking I probably forgot to get the mail on Saturday. I tend to do that because the kids bring the mail in after school during the week and than I tend to forget Saturday's.

I picked up this 2005 Bowman Heritage for the White Sox Collection. Great pick up just because it was $.15/shipped.

My Tier 3 pick-up was this Johnny Bench from 2018 Topps A & G. I paid $.28/shipped for it and it is my 81st card of Bench.

My Tier 2 pick-up was this Mark Buehrle 2011 Bowman Gold that I snagged for $.30/shipped. It is my 187th card of Buehrle which is my 4th highest player collection.

Last but not least, my Tier 1 pick-up is my first pick-up of Konerko this year and is my 433rd Paulie card which is my highest player collection. I only paid $.25/shipped for this red, white and blue Prizm.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

1984 Abreu

I haven't posting a ton lately because I've been getting a bunch of cards on one day and than nothing for a day or two. Today is the same. I got three envelopes today, although two of them came from the same seller. I'll start off with the virtual dime (or less) pick-ups.

They all came to me for $.06/shipped/each except the Felix Hernandez, I paid a dime/shipped for it but you know, he is a King so I guess that's worth the extra four cents.

I also picked up my first relic from 2019, I grabbed this Abreu card for $3/shipped. This will be the 49th card of Abreu that I have logged into TCDB which I don't have everything logged in yet, but I'm getting there. He is 33rd on the player list (I love TCDB) but over half of those are actual player collections so with all the cards of his out there, I'm sure he'll gradually move up.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The Kid plus 5

I found out last week that our new GM to our plant collects baseball cards. He sat in on our Monday meeting yesterday and I was there early enough that I chatted with him about it. Apparently he buys cases and opens them and sells them online. He likes the high end stuff which of course is totally opposite of me but at least there is someone that collects I can have an occasional chat with.

I did get a few cards today. One player collection and some virtual "cheaper than a dime box" cards.

I picked up all of these 2016 Topps for $.06/shipped/each. All were individual auctions, I just don't understand how these people keep selling cards for cheaper than a stamp and stay in business.

I also picked up this Gary Carter dog food card. I remember back when you could get baseball cards everywhere. I used to buy all kinds of things I wouldn't normally eat just to get these cards. I picked this up for $.50/shipped. It is my 117th card of the Kid.