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Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Young and the Old

I got a few cards in the mail today. One player and a couple of White Sox collecton cards. The Sox cards are from a 2019 product that I didn't have yet.

I won both of the Gypsy Queen Green Parallel cards from the same seller. I paid $.50/shipped for the Rodon and $.49/shipped for the Lopez. Two of our young pitchers who are supposed to have great upside. It is my 21st card of Carlos Rodon and only my 6th card of Reynaldo Lopez.

I also grabbed another Seaver, my 3rd of this year already. I had only picked up 2 all of last year. What's even better is this HOF'r card came to me for only $.29/shipped. It is my 353rd card of the Seaver Collection.

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