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Monday, April 22, 2019

3 More, um, Sox?

I got two envelopes today with even more cards. All Sox cards but one was for the wrong Sox.

I picked up this Chris Sale for $.22/shipped. It's the wrong Sox card but it's still a Sale card and for under a quarter, I'll take it. It's listed as a Holo Refractor, who knows if it or not, there's so many different ones I get lost. It is my 143rd Chris Sale.

I also picked up a shiny Giolito for only $.45/shipped. It's a pretty slick looking card for the White Sox Collection. This one is listed as a X-Fractor, which I believe to be true. With the wonderful TCDB I can now tell you that it's my 8th card of Lucas even though he's not a player collection.

I also managed to pick up this All-Star Relic (not game-worn but festivity worn) card for $1.85/shipped. This is also for the White Sox collection as I don't have an Abreu collection but it is my 50th card of Jose.

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