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Thursday, April 18, 2019

White Sox Auto

Technically, I got 31 cards in the mail today but I'm only going to show you one. I decided to try one of those COMPLETE YOUR SETS buy it nows on Ebay. I took the set that I was closest to completing, actually, I chose between 1987 and 1985 Topps because I had the same amount of cards (709). I chose the 1985 set because it would be the cooler set to complete. I mean, 1987 set, everybody has those. So I picked up 30 cards from that set to put it at 739 cards, or 93.3% completed. I paid $4.99/shipped for the cards which equals out to just under $.17/card.

Before all you awesome people start offering to help me complete the set with a trade. I don't really trade anymore. I don't really have anything to trade with. I probably have a few dupes that I could get rid of but not enough to make the effort. So while I appreciate all the offers, thanks but no thanks.

Now, on to the 1 card I was going to show you which is probably a duplicate on this blog because I do already have it. It's a White Sox auto though and if I get them cheap enough, I'll keep dupes of autos and relics.

I only paid $1.32/shipped for this past prospect, as he's no longer even in the big leagues. Nor was he no longer with the White Sox in 2016 (his last in the league).

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  1. It's a good thing that you put that disclaimer out there, otherwise you'd have people coming out of the woodwork trying to unload their extra 87's on to you.