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Thursday, April 11, 2024

Buchanan pick-ups

A couple of weeks ago, we did a show with T-Dog Breaks hosting in Buchanan, MI. It was his first show and we committed because we like him and his family. It ended up being a pretty good show and he's already scheduled his next show with an autograph guest - Ron Kittle. Sign me up!

I flipped through when I saw some 2024 parallels which is where I got the Holiday Vaughn and the rainbow foil Robert. I happened across the Buehrle prizm which I love and the Robert insert and the Abbott is the refractor. These 5 were in $1 box but I only paid $3. I pulled out my wallet and counted my ones and I only had $3 so he said he'd take that. I had more cash, that was just my ones but he said he was cool with it.

I decided to search the hosts tables when I saw he had a .50 cent box, mainly because I knew he was a breaker so I figured he might have some decent stuff in there and I was not disappointed with the above.

And the below.

I was shocked to see these cards. I definitely picked them up when I ran across them in that $.50 box.

Kevin also bought out a box of cards from another dealer and I grabbed all of these out that so these were free to me. Some former Wolverines, some White Sox and even a shiny Maize and Blue card.

This just happened to be sitting on one of the boxes on one of the dealers next to us who we are friends with, so I grabbed it. It's only my 2nd from that set, both Wolverines.

Next up is my real find. I saw it early on at the show but I wasn't sure I wanted to drop the money on it. So I told myself if it was still there at the end of the show, then I would pick it up. I kept finding myself looking over at the table to see if it was still there. Finally I was like, screw that, you obviously want it, go get it.

I was really awkward walking back to my table. It's been years since I walked around with a liquor bottle. I love this and it looks great up on my shelf. He had another once that I picked up from my brother as well. Although, he'll probably drink his.

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