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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

2 Ripken's plus 1

I got the last envelope today (might have been yesterday but I didn't get the mail) of the cards I purchased on Ebay before I left on my trip.  I didn't check Ebay while I was gone so I didn't bid on anything so it'll probably be a week or so before I have any more cards. Maybe I'll have time to get the other cards I got from Rod and Sluggo up in that time.

I picked up this Ripken for $.38/shipped. I wasn't sure when I bid on it if I had it or not and I was to lazy to check. Luckily I didn't.

That's not 2 cards, that's the front and the back. Lucky for me, they are both player collections. I picked this one up for $.45/shipped. It is my 194th different card of Larkin and the 2 Ripken's above make 445 different cards which (along with the cards I picked up from Sluggo that I haven't shown yet) puts him in 1st place for amount of cards. Which doesn't surprise me since he was around during the overproduction era.

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