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Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday Mail Day

I did get a couple of cards today. I'm getting way more than I thought I would when I lowered my high bid to a quarter. I don't even add on a couple of extra cents to make sure I outbid someone else bidding a quarter.

1985 Topps
For some reason, I drew a complete blank on these being 1985 Topps, I thought it was from 1983 until I was adding it to my Google Docs. Now that I've Googled and brought them back to memory, I think I was confusing them with the Super Veteran cards. This goes to the Vintage Collection and puts the 1985 Topps set at 700 cards even, only 92 to go.

1989 Donruss
I picked this up thinking I needed it, now I don't know if I do. When I checked my Google Docs page before bidding, it showed a 1989 Donruss but the number was 102 and I didn't think anything about it, figured it was a subset or something else. After I received it, I was logging it in and actually took the time to figure it out, only I didn't. I couldn't find another 1989 Donruss Larkin that had a number of 102. So many different things could have happened. Maybe the card I have was his 1988 Topps, it would be number 102 and it would also go one line above the 1989 Donruss on my sheet. Or, I could have just put the wrong number. I won't know for sure until I put it away in the album which will probably be this weekend. Either or, this is card number 257 and if it's a different card then the one that is listed, it will be my 102nd (great, there's that number again) card in the Barry Larkin Collection.

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