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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Trade with Sluggo

I know what your all thinking, who the hell is Sluggo?  Well, he’s not a blogger.  I don’t think he’ll even see this post unless I stick it on his Facebook wall and even then I can’t guarantee he’ll see it.  Sluggo would be my cousin, or at least, my cousin’s nickname.  When I was growing up, Sluggo and I collected big time.  It was always our dream to start a card shop together.  That’s still a dream but it’ll probably stay a dream since card shops don’t fare to well anymore.

He still collects but mostly he sets up at card shows down in North Carolina.  Where apparently they have a few times a month, must be nice.  So he’s got some good cards.  I traded with him a few months ago just to get some trade bait for some fellow collector’s that I was trading with at the time.  After the trade, I sent a couple Dale Murphy rookies for his PC that I picked up cheap.  He called me, said he had a guy looking for refractors, and we started another trade.  I sent him all my football cards and what little refractor’s I had.  And he sent me a bunch of cards he’s been grabbing at shows for me.  He doesn’t use my have lists, he just grabs whatever oddball cards he can find.


These are some awesome cards.  Out of the huge stack he sent me, I had very few of them.  And now you see why.  He grabbed all kinds of stuff to send me.  Die Cuts, Framed, Foul Pole netting, and more.


All these are refractor type parallels.  Again, none that I had.  Truly a great lot of cards he sent me.


And these 3 awesome cards.  Love the shininess of the Finest Konerko.  The only card that I knew was coming was the Aparicio patch card.  I like them because they are different.  I certainly wouldn’t pay a fortune for them, but I do like them.  And believe it or not, I actually had the 1960 Topps Aparicio but that’s ok.  Because now I need 2 of all of his cards.  That’s right, I finally pulled the trigger on starting an Aparicio player collection.  I eluded to this earlier last week.  I have just really grown to appreciate Aparicio as a player.  What I noticed after I decided I might go for his cards for the PC was that when I got one, it got me more excited to see them then any other card so I knew I needed to start one.  I’ll try to get my have list up in the next few days.

So there you have it, even family member’s can trade.  Baseball Cards bringing family together.  Brings a tear to your eye.  And just in case he does read this, thanks Kevin!


  1. Nice stuff! I like the vintage Little Luis, and the Big Hurt foul pole is awesome. I had some of those mid-to-late 90s inserts like that and the Hit Machines--that was the heyday of inserts, really, before the dark days of the Topps monopoly. He did a nice job of sending you lots of color, too, so nice deal.

    1. When he first told me he was going to send a bunch of Sox, I figured I'd get a bunch of dupes. But he did a really good job at grabbing stuff I didn't have. I'm pretty sure he didn't use my have lists so I was pleasantly surprised.