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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Trade with Thoughts and Sox

Adam of “Thoughts and Sox” had requested some trade bait that I had posted.  For the life of me I don’t remember what.  But I sent it to him along with some Red Sox cards I had lying around.  Here’s some highlights of his return package.


Just a small sample of the Sox cards he sent.  There were a lot of Mark Buehrle and Frank Thomas as well as some other cards.  Yes, that is a Bowman rookie of Buehrle up there on the left.  On the bottom right is a Donruss Originals.  Not sure what exactly these are but there was a number of these in the package.  I assume it’s more or less a heritage set with Donruss cards.


He also included a crap load (that’s an official measurement) of Konerko’s.  The one’s pictured above are just the ones that go to the Konerko collection.  Plus there were a few that I already had there that got to go to the White Sox collection.  Adam went above and beyond with all of these.  But he didn’t stop there.  He also threw in these.


2 1960’s White Sox cards.  These are awesome.  They are 2 different card stocks but I believe I read somewhere that certain sets had done that.  I don’t recall why though.

Awesome trade Adam, be sure to check out his blog “Thoughts and Sox”  I don’t believe he’s posting much now-a-days but he’s still around.


  1. You forgot what you sent me cause my return package took so long.

    1. It's alright, I don't even keep track of who still owes me. It's kind of nice when I don't get one right away because I forget, then get surprised when it does come. I know I'll get a return package sooner or later. Thanks for the slew of Konerko's.