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Friday, January 6, 2017

Finally, some mail this week

I got 2 envelopes today. It was nice to see after not getting anything since last Saturday. On the other hand, I've been getting caught up on all my baseball card related stuff I'm working on.

The first envelope came with 2 cards, both player collections.

2002 Topps Archives
I picked up this vintage look-a-like for the Gary Carter Collection. I remember how awesome the Topps Archives were back then, I didn't mind the copied cards of the past because at the time, they were the only modern cards to get vintage players from. Now, damn near every set has those players. I picked this one up for $.23/shipped.

1998 Skybox Metal Universe
I also picked up this cool looking Metal card. This was my favorite year of these cards because I liked only having the metal as the background. It makes the player pop. Although, the actual card shows the background a lot more than this scan does. This pickup for the Barry Larkin Collection came to me for $.22/shipped.

The next envelope had 3 cards in it but only 1 player collection card.

1992 Score
I got this for the Cal Ripken Jr Collection. I picked this one up for $.19/shipped. Kind of an odd shot, I assume the locamotive has to do with his nickname "Iron Man". If I wasn't so old and could read the really small print on the back, I probably could verify that.

2013 Topps Chrome XFractor
The seller had listed a few White Sox refractors and I pulled a couple for the White Sox Collection. I don't think $.19/shipped is to high for an XFractor.

2012 Topps Chrome Purple Refractor
As you can tell, I won another Sox refractor. Even though it looks blue in the scan, it's actually a purple border. I also grabbed this refractor for $.19/shipped.

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  1. I would pay a quarter each for any and all of those cards, so to have someone send you them for that price is worth it.