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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Oversized Orioles

We set up at the South Bend show today. It's a relatively new show but it's close to home and we know the promoters from doing other shows. It was a pretty busy show, for about 2 hours it was packed. My cousin bought out 4 boxes of cards from another dealer so I went through it and ended up with a bunch more cards to go through tomorrow before I go to my mom's birthday party. I just grabbed everything that fit my collections and I'll go through it and give what I don't keep back to Kevin.

Today's post, as per the random, is a Tier 3 post so the exact opposite of yesterdays post, which was a Tier 1 post. I should hold off on this post just because I have some of his cards in the stack I need to go through so I'll probaby add more. Guess you'll have to wait until I get to the February pick-ups post.

These 3 oversized cards came from Kevin (Sluggo). The top scan are like 4x6 (I'm guessing) and the bottom one is an 8x10. I have a couple of the big Studio cards but the other ones are Sox players.

Dennis sent me this Diamond King in his Christmas package. It's a mutual collection, we tend to trade Ripken's back and forth and he always does a great job of hitting multiple collections.

Here you have a flashy, shiny 2021 Mosaic and a 1994 Flair insert. What's great is with all that flash and shininess, the 90's insert is probably selling for more. 90's inserts are hot. I picked both of these up in Hollister's half off box that Kevin bought from him.

These 6 cards push my Ripken's up over 900 cards to 905 cards which is good for my highest PC. We'll see if I can't hit 1k before the end of the year. He has plenty of cards for me to get so it really shouldn't be a problem.

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  1. These are really nice, the first two in particular.

    I miss the old Flair inserts like Hot Numbers, Wave of the Future, and especially Hot Glove. Had a Ripken Hot Glove a few years back but I sold it on COMC :/


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