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Saturday, July 9, 2016

42 All-Star Appearances in this post

4 more cards on what has become housework day. Saturday's have been my mow the lawn, weedwack and whatever else I need to get done day. Today I did those 2 plus took down an old satellite dish off my roof and dug out the firepit, along with a few other minor repairs. When all was said and done, I walked out to the mailbox and grabbed the mail, gave my wife the bills and kept the rest. 4 envelopes for 6 cards. Although 1 card wasn't part of my collection and the other ended up being a dupe so 4 new cards for the collections.

1993 Fleer Ultra
One for Fisk and I believe I still have at least 1 more coming. A few of his cards got listed recently and I've been grabbing them up. This one came to me for a dime shipped.

1996 Pinnacle
I actually picked this up in a lot of 3 of these Pinnacle checklists, I bid on it for the card below and didn't realize this one was in it so I ended up with 2 out of 3 cards for the collection. I paid $.50 for the lot and only needed 2 cards so that puts this card at a quarter. This card goes to the White Sox Collection.

1996 Pinnacle
This was the card I wanted from the lot, another Ripken. This one also gets marked at a quarter shipped.

1961 Topps
I also grabbed this 1961 Topps for the White Sox collection and it only cost me $.54/shipped. You can never go wrong with a 60's card for that price.

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