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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

21 card salute for the day after Independence Day

Apparently since there were 2 days off from the mail service, they bombed me with 6 envelopes today so let's just get to it. We'll start with the White Sox collection pick ups.

2011 Topps Cognac ($.54)

2009 Upper Deck Sweet Spot ($.10)

2004 Upper Deck Reflections ($.30)

2012 Bowman Chrome Prospects Blue Refractor #'d/250 ($.16)

2011 Bowman Prospects Blue #'d/500 ($.40)

2010 Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor #'d/150 ($.17)
The Peavy came from 1 seller, all the rest came from another. Great prices for some serial numbered Sox cards.

2016 Topps Heritage ($.40)
My first AJ as a brave but then again, I have no other 2016 cards, or 2015 of him.

2016 Topps Heritage ($.40)

2011 Bowman Blue ($.15)
2 more for the Ryan Zimmerman collection. The Heritage came from the seller of the AJ Heritage and the Blue card came from the seller with all the blue refractors for the Sox collection.

2016 Topps Heritage ($.40)
1 more Chris Sale and from the same guy from the other Heritage.

2016 Topps Heritage ($.40)
Another heritage from the same seller (last one), this one for the Steve Carlton collection.

2000 Upper Deck Powerdeck ($.36)

1996 Clear Assets Phone Card ($.38)
2 oddball Ripkens. The Powerdeck CD was cool back in the day but my laptop doesn't even have a disc drive anymore.

2001 Donruss Elite #'d/1000 ($.30)
Always happy to get more Crede and a numbered one at that. Also came from the same seller as the other numbered (blue) Sox cards.

1995 Upper Deck SP Salute ($.48)
I even managed to grab another Mike Schmidt card, a die cut from the same seller as most of the above (blue and numbered cards).

1993 Topps Pre-Production Sample ($.54)

I posted the back of this card so you could see the sample spot. One for the Fisk collection. I checked out the actual 1993 Topps and it's pretty much the same photo but it's cropped differently.

1993 Topps ($.30)
Another Gary Carter for that collection and it looks to be a great shot with who I'm guessing is the crime dog, Fred McGriff.

2001 Upper Deck Decade 70s Bellbottomed Bashers ($.16)

2002 Upper Deck World Series Heroes ($.17)
2 more Johnny Bench's for that collection. Both cards are post career cards but for $.33 total, you can pass that up.

2008 Upper Deck Draft Edition ($.46)
One more Mike Hart, that 2 in 2 weeks which is a rarity, I don't come across too many of his cards anymore.

2008 Razor Signature Series ($2.76)
Last but not least, a Zach Putnam autograph for the Michigan collection. I actually have one of these but I couldn't pass up another one for under $3. He is also currently on the Sox roster so there is that. Although I think he's on the DL. Since it's a dupe, I would send it to Dennis, but I'm pretty sure he sent me my first one so I'm pretty sure he has it. If not, Dennis, let me know.

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