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Saturday, January 10, 2015

the Wallet card project

I’ve decided to get in on the wallet card even though I don’t really go anywhere and worse than that, I don’t really carry my wallet often. I hate carrying it, it generally stays in my car during the work week since I rarely go anywhere during the week. If we take my wife’s car somewhere during that week, I’ll grab my wallet out of my car since I usually drive but for the most part it stays in there. I do take it in the house on Friday since we generally drive my wife’s car on the weekend which is why I couldn’t take any photos of my wallet until last night/today.  Let’s see what I chose.

First, I pulled out all my cards that aren’t part of my collections and stacked them up.


Yeah, that’s it. I sent everything that wasn’t part of my collections to my cousin who sends me cards all the time. He sets up at shows so I gave him everything I had because he sends me boxes of mainly White Sox cards for my collections. I also always send him my penny sleeves and top loaders that I receive from my Ebay packages. I sent him a box when my brother went down south over Thanksgiving so I haven’t accumulated much yet. I’ve shown some of the stuff he’s sent me on here, he’s labled as Sluggo (his nickname growing up).

So I went through what I had and most of what I had was newer cards and I really wanted to go with something vintage. Out of that stack, the only clear choice I wanted to use was this.


If you remember, last week I posted that I won a 4 card lot of Steve Carlton but I only needed 3, well, here’s the 4th. This ended up being a great choice as 1. He is a player collection, 2. It’s vintage, sorta, and 3. I remember buying 1984 Topps back when I collected as a kid so it gives me flashbacks.


I wasn’t sure I was going to do this project because I knew I didn’t have much to choose from, but after going through what little I had, I ended up getting excited about the 84’ Topps Carlton so while I may not post a lot of pictures, because I live in Indiana and there is nothing exciting here, I will take some.


  1. Yeah, I live in a middle of nowhere town in central Texas, so my pictures won't be that interesting either.

  2. That's not too shabby a card to have in a wallet for a year.