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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tom Seaver Collection

I’m always very happy to get some cards of Tom Seaver for under half a buck.  Most of his cards start higher than that.

This one is reprint, which is why I was able to get it for $.25.  I didn’t have it though, but I do now.

Tom Seaver

2010 Topps Cards Your Mom Threw Out

The following card was even cheaper since it was free.  I figured since it’s a Tom Seaver, I’d throw it on here as well.  Dennis from Too Many Verlanders and the awesome Too Many Manninghams sent me a PWE with this card and a couple of Indianapolis Colts cards.

Tom Seaver

1975 Topps Mini

He said he picked it up cheap at a card show.  It’s vintage, it’s mini and it’s Tom Seaver.  It’s pretty awesome.  Thanks Dennis.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ryan Zimmerman collection

I picked up another 2 Ryan Zimmerman cards on the cheap.

I grabbed this one for $.32 which at the time, didn’t surprise me.  It’s Opening Day after all, and on top of that it wasn’t an actual player card but I didn’t realize it was an insert until I went to get the pic off of COMC, the cheapest they had it was $.95 so I guess I should be surprised that I got it.

Ryan Zimmerman

2012 Topps Opening Day Superstar Celebrations

I also picked up this brand new card for $.30, I was definitely surprised to win this card as it’s a fairly new release but I’ve actually picked up a couple from this years offering already.  This is another ebay image as they didn’t have one listed on COMC yet.

2014 Topps Allen & Ginters Ryan Zimmerman #60 Nationals

2014 Topps Allen & Ginter’s

Monday, August 18, 2014

Barry Larkin collection

After grabbing those Barry Larkin’s a few weeks ago, I was surprised to grab some more on the cheap.

I picked this one up for $.22.  It’s a 1993 Topps which shouldn’t surprise me that I got it cheap.


1993 Topps (all-star)

This one cost me a little bit more, but only $.50, but it’s also a parallel version of the 1994 Upper Deck, Electric Diamond.

Barry Larkin

1994 Upper Deck (Home Field Advantage) Electric Diamond

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Vintage Collection

I picked up a bunch of vintage collection cards about a month ago.  What you won’t see here is I grabbed about 33 cards from 1980 Topps.  A seller posted a bunch of cards from the Texas Rangers and the Oakland A's, he started them at a penny and I figured I wouldn’t win but maybe 5 or 6.  Wrong!  Like I said, I won 33 of them and the majority of those were between $.40 and $.54 so it cost me quite a bit at one shot, which I don’t like to do.  Either way, I didn’t feel like posting every card of those, so I’m not.  I will post the other winnings though.

They are listed in the order that I received them.

Marty Keough

1964 Topps Marty Keough

A nice quarter box find, only grabbed it for $.25

Bobby LockeTony Cloninger

1968 Topps Bobby Locke and Tony Cloninger

I grabbed these 2 1968’s in a lot of 2 for $.55 total, so essentially, 2 more quarter box finds.

Darrel Chaney [Good to VG‑EX]

1977 Topps Darrel Chaney

I remember the lower case a’s they use on their hats.  I grabbed this one for $.46

Reggie Jackson

1985 Topps Reggie Jackson

I know, it’s only a 1985 Topps, but it’s Mr. October.  I think it’s still a nice pick up, even at $.49.

Dick SchofieldKen Suarez [Good to VG‑EX]

1969 Topps Dick Schofield and Ken Suarez

I grabbed these 2 in a lot and I grabbed them both for $.90, which is equal to $.45/each.

Bucky Dent

1982 Topps Bucky Dent (in Action)

I always liked the 1982 Topps set for sentimental reason but I thought these in action cards were the coolest when I was a kid.  I picked this one up for $.47.  I probably overpaid because it’s a New York Yankees card.

Allan Anderson

1987 Donruss Allan Anderson

I know, nothing too exciting, but I nabbed it for $.17

Otto Velez [Good to VG‑EX]

1979 Topps Otto Velez

I got this one at the awesome price of $.15.  The cheapest COMC has it for is $.99 so I’d say it was a good deal.