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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Single card Saturday

I did get one card today and for most (probably all) of you, it'll be nothing exciting but it was for me, because I need it. I remember bidding on this without checking to see if I needed it for sure and after my last post, that was probably a bad idea but it worked out, I didn't have it.

I picked up this for a whopping $.06/shipped. It's a 2008 Topps Finest which I'm not sure I have any, that's why I took a shot without looking it up. It didn't look very familiar.

If I ever get around to listing the cards in my box I'd know if I have it for sure or not but for now, I'm working (slowly) on getting everything listed with a picture. I do have over 10,000 photos now so I'm getting there (again, slowly).

Monday, December 11, 2017

2 out of 5 ain't bad

I got 3 envelopes with 5 cards, although 2 of the envelopes came from the same seller and they were cards I bought at the same time. Following last Saturday's new player collection, tonight I have another.

I picked this one up with the following 3 cards. Although, I just went to take it off my team set and it wasn't there, which means I already have it. Damn it. Oh well, it was only a quarter/shipped.

I also picked up these 3 for $.25/shipped/each and upon putting them on my Barry Larkin page, I already had 2 of these. I don't know what the hell happened. If I drank I could blame it on that but I don't so I can't. I do get to add the 1996 Score thought. That makes 148 Larkin cards.

I know this one I didn't have because it's my first of Jehu and it's a Michigan card at that. 2 collections in one. This one I even got cheaper, only $.23/shipped.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Saturday catch-up

Sadly, I was a slacker again this week so this post is all the cards that I got. It was a good week though, a relic, an auto, even the first card of a player collection.

We'll start with a player collection that I tend to log in a bunch of cards throughout the year. This 1987 Donruss Highlights card of Ripken came to me for $.25/shipped. This is my 349th card of Cal jr.

I picked up this former Wolverine for $.19/shipped. It's my 23rd card of Funchess which is the most by far, of any of the Wolverines that went pro that year.

This would be the new player collection. I've bid on a bunch of Peppers cards but this is the first one that I finally won, and for only $.17/shipped at that.

I picked up this Danks auto for $2.25/shipped. I really need to make a list of my autos and relics, I don't think this is my first of him but I don't have many, I want to say it's my 2nd auto but I'm not positive.

Last but not least, I picked up this Abreu relic. I always like to get cards of him because he is underrated outside of Chicago. Kind of like Konerko was, people don't know anything about him even though he puts up the numbers. I'm good with that though. I grabbed this up for $2.13/shipped.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

2 Ripken's and a patch

I got a couple of envelopes the last couple of days. 3 cards in 3 envelopes. Let's get to it.

I picked up this 1990 Panini sticker for $.22/shipped. I know I've mentioned before but I love these stickers because I used to do the albums when I was a kid.

I picked this up for the Ripken collection as well. Another Panini card but a little newer. 2013 to be exact but I still only paid $.25/shipped. Both of these Ripken cards (sticker) make 348 cards in that collection.

I picked up this Melky Cabrera for $2.25/shipped. I'm not sure what the deal is with the sticker on the patch but whatever, It's numbered to /99 as well. It's a pretty slick looking card probably because it's shiny. It's from Topps Tribute. I liked Melky, I hated seeing him get traded. He's one of those guys that you can say he loves to play the game.

Monday, November 27, 2017

80's Monday

I got 2 envelopes today with 7 cards, 6 of them that I had won. I got 5 from one seller and he either made a mistake or threw an extra in so I got 6 from him and 1 from another.

I picked up all these from the same seller. I paid $.25/shipped for the 1984 Topps, $.22/shipped for both of the 1982's, and $.10/shipped for the 1983's. The 1980 was the throw in mentioned above and luckily enough, I needed it as well.

I also picked this one up for $.10/shipped from another seller. I know it's not an 80's like the title lead you to believe but I don't care, I needed it for the team set as well as the Vintage collection. I don't remember how many that team set is but it's down to 11 cards now.