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Sunday, July 16, 2017

This weeks additions

I've been lazy this week and haven't been posting what I got in the mail. It's been a lazy week and I really don't have an excuse but I'll sum up my cards all in this post.

I picked up these 2 cards from the same seller for $.25/shipped and $.23/shipped. These both go to the Vintage Collection and they put the 1979 set at 316 cards.

All 4 of these came from the same seller. I also picked these up for the same price as the 1979's. 2 of them for $.25/shipped and 2 of them for $.23/shipped. These 4 cards put the 1978 set at 150 cards and all of the 6 cards make it 254 cards picked up for that collection.

No, it's not a 1992 Topps. It's a 2010 reprint of the 1992 topps, it's from the insert set Cards Your Mom Threw Out but it's a Ripken I didn't have. This makes 335 cards for that collection and it also makes 25 cards picked up this year.

I picked up this autograph of Jacob May in a lot of 2 cards. The other was an autograph of Jose Ramirez of the Yankees from the same set. I only paid $2.76/shipped for the lot which all goes towards this card because I have no need for the other. This is my 200th pick up for the White Sox Collection this year.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Lottsa Cards

When I got the mail today, I thought maybe the post office was holding my mail and decided to deliver it all at once. I had 7 envelopes waiting for me. Once I started to open them though, I realized that a seller that I had won 11 cards from, all at the same time, divided those cards into 4 envelopes. So technically, I received from 4 sellers, in 7 envelopes. We'll start with the single card envelopes.

I picked up this Todd Frazier card from the 2017 Finest set. It was my first from the team set, I had to go get the checklist because I hadn't updated it yet. I grabbed it for $.15/shipped.

I was surprised to win this for $.22/shipped. It is a 2016 Bowman Chrome Purple Refractor numbered to /250. Like I said before, I think I've been picking up his good Sox cards cheap since he has gotten traded to the bad Sox. The 2 White Sox cards above are my 198th and 199th cards picked up for that collection. The Sale card is my 128th of his collection and my 16th card pick up of his this year.

These must have come from the ESPN seller since I managed to win the Red Sox and Yankees cards. I picked both of these up for the Vintage collection for $.23/each/shipped. They are my 160th cards from that set and my 247th and 248th card picked up this year so far.

These 11 cards of Barry Larkin all came from the same seller, and all for the minimum bid of $.25/each/shipped. These put that collection at 135 cards and I've picked up 26 of his cards so far this year.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Steve Carlton additions

Following our holiday weekend, I got an envelope delivered to my porch, because it would be the seller who sends me my winning via UPS (yeah, I don't get it either.)

I received 3 cards from the seller, all from the same player collection.

I picked up this 2009 Upper Deck for $.24/shipped.

I picked up this 2016 Topps Allen & Ginter for $.15/shipped.

Last but not least, I picked up this 2016 Donruss for $.23/shipped.

These 3 Steve Carlton cards put that collection at 90 cards and makes 10 pick-ups so far this year.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

3 card Saturday

Just a quick post today. I got a couple of envelopes in the mail with 3 cards.

We'll start with the 1 vintage pick-up for today. Another 1978, I've seemed to pick up quite a few of that set in the last week or so. I picked this card up for $.23/shipped. This one is my 146th card for that set and is my 246th pick-up for the vintage collection.

I picked up a couple of more cards for the White Sox collection as well. The 1989 Fleer is an update and I may have the Baines already but I didn't have it listed so I grabbed it anyways. I only paid a quarter/shipped for each of them. They are my 197th different White Sox card picked-up so far this year.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Card catch up

I've got lots of cards to show you that have come in this week. I got a couple envelopes on Monday and a couple yesterday. Monday night I had a softball game and by the time I got home and ate, I wasn't really in the mood to even get online for very long. Then Tuesday I woke up with a summer cold and that has been kicking my ass the last few days. Today is a little better, hopefully tomorrow I will be 100% again to start off my long weekend. Needless to say, since I was getting my ass kicked, I didn't post any of the cards. I don't remember what came in what so I'm going to post by collections.

We'll start off with a couple of vintage pick-ups. I believe both of these were single pick-ups. I picked up the Dave Lemanczyk for $.24/shipped and the Mike Garman for $.22/shipped. These 2 cards put that set at 145 cards.

I would have guessed that I already had this one but apparently not. I had 2 other of his cards from that set (all-star and record breaker) but not the base but I guess I do now. I picked this up for $.16/shipped. This is my 8th card of his picked up this year and is my 107th card for the Kid Collection.

I also managed to grab another Cal Ripken jr card that goes to that player collection as well as the vintage collecton. I picked this up for $.25/shipped. It is my 334th card of the Ripken Collection and the 136th of the 1976 Fleer set. It's also my 24th addition to the Ripken Collection this year.

I also picked up 5 cards for the Mike Schmidt Collection and the top 3 also go to the Vintage Collection. I picked all these up from the same seller for the minimum bid of $.25/each/shipped. These 5 cards put that collection at 108 cards. The 1982 Topps set is now at 78 cards. The 1980 Topps set is at 158 cards and the 1986 Fleer set is at 77 cards. All of the above cards that were mentioned for the Vintage collection put that collection at 245 cards picked up so far this year and I've also picked up 12 cards for the Schmidt Collection.

For my last player collection, I grabbed this card for the Barry Larkin collection for $.25/shipped. This puts the Larkin collection at 125 cards total and 15 cards picked up so far this year.

I picked up this 3 card lot for $.66/shipped which equals to $.22 a card. I believe all 3 are from series 2 and they are my first from that series. I'm still a little ways away from completing the team set. These 3 cards put my White Sox collection pick-ups for the year at 195 cards.

Oddly enough, all these cards posted put me at an even 600 cards picked up so far this year for all my collections. It's not physical cards technically because some of the cards (like the 4 cards mentioned above) get listed in multiple collections so they get counted multiple times.