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Monday, May 7, 2012

Trade with Crinkly Wrappers

Yeah, I probably made this trade 2 or 3 months ago.  I suck.  The bad part is I even scanned them awhile back and they’ve been sitting in my folder on my computer just waiting for me to type something out.  I suck.  But Ted doesn’t.  If I remember correctly, this wasn’t actually a trade.  I purchased a bunch of 1973’s at a great cost from Ted because he had just completed his set and he threw these additional cards in.


2010 Upper Deck’s that I needed.  I thought I had a bunch of these, but all 5 above were new to the Sox collection.  A post is an oddball which are always great as well as team cards are great.  I wish they would have used these team cards more throughout the years.


He also sent me these Peyton Manning’s for that player collection.  I don’t ever buy any of his cards since I don’t really collect much football so I always appreciate getting them in trades.

And of course, the purchased cards.


I fill my team collection first so these 7 cards went to those before the 1973 set. 

A big thanks to Ted from “Crinkly Wrappers” for throwing in these cards and for giving me a big boost on my 1973 set.  You’ll see more of those if I ever finish posting my set pages.

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