This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Make Up Mail Day

We made it through the rain at yesterday's game. I had actually got seats under the upper deck so I wasn't sitting in the sun all afternoon. It worked out that it helped with the rain as well. It rained a few times but never longer than about 5 minutes but sometimes pretty hard but as long as it rained down, we were dry, but if the wind blew it towards us we got wet. So we decided to move over a section so we could go back another row and we were fine. You'll never guess what happened an inning or two later. A foul ball came down right on the seat next to the one I was sitting in before we moved. Go figure. I've gotten balls at the ballpark before but never a foul ball during the game. Apparently that streak continued since I moved. The Sox lost but I did get to see Vladimir Guerrero Jr hit a HR so I can say I've seen that.

It was still a pretty good day hanging with the fam and they all had fun so it was a good time, despite the loss.

The lack of envelopes last week caught up with me today. I got 4, all with a card a piece in them.

I picked up this McCarthy for $.23/shipped. It's only my 4th of that team set which is a long way to go to finish it. According to TCDB, this is also my 4th card of his but I know I have more than that which just shows that I still have a bunch of cards to log in but I have to finish what I've already got logged in to my sheets.

I also picked up another 2019 Sox card. Minus the short prints, I only need 2 more Sox to finish that team set, at least for series 1. I grabbed this for $.23/shipped as well. He was also the pitcher yesterday at the game. He only gave up 1 run before the bullpen blew it. This is my 8th card of his.

I also picked up my 19th card of Moncada and my 2nd Gypsy Queen (base) card. I picked this up for $.25/shipped. He had a triple yesterday and scored our only run, just so you know.

Last but not least, a White Sox great, only he's not in his White Sox uniform. I picked up this PK for $.22/shipped, it is my 435th different card of his and the 43rd one as a Dodger.