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Monday, May 13, 2019

Late Quicky

Just a quick post with quite a few cards. It's closing in on 10:30 and I have to be up at 3:45 in the morning so I'm just throwing this up so I don't get behind.

I got 3 envelopes today.

I picked up another Sale, I continue to pick his cards up for my Chris Sale Collection but to be honest, I don't really follow him anymore so I'm thinking about ditching that collection. Most of his cards will stay in the White Sox Collection anyways but I haven't made the decision yet. I picked this up for $.32/shipped. This is my 143rd different card of his.

I picked up this lot for $1.25/shipped which is within my parameters for my buying because it equals out to a quarter a card but what is bad is that it was technically an 18 card lot (plus 2 bonus throw ins). The rest were all dupes of the above cards and a couple Jose Abreu's but I already had that one as well. This 5 card pick up put me within 2 to complete the team set from 2018 A&G.

I picked up this Buehrle relic for his player collection as well as the Sox collection for only $1.99/shipped. I only put $2 on it because I knew I already had one but when I logged it in, this was actually my 3rd. Oh well, you can't go wrong with a Buehrle relic.

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