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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Starting the mail week

I'm guessing since there was no mail Monday that they doubled up on Tuesday because I got 8 cards in 5 envelopes. We'll just go in alphabetical order.

2011 Topps Lineage
I probably had this at one point before I started my Bench collection because I bought a box of Lineage back in 2011. I picked this one up at $.35/shipped. It gives me 58 cards in the Johnny Bench collection.

1981 Donruss
I thought I had this card so I was surprised when my listings said I didn't. Either way, I picked it up at the max bid of $.54. It is my 68th card of Steve Carlton and my 43rd card of the 1981 Donruss set.

1989 Topps All-Star Glossy
I used to grab a bunch of these when I was a kid, and probably had this one as well. I got it this time for $.10/shipped. Can't complain about a dime box pick-up on Ebay. It is my 81st card of the Gary Carter Collection.

1997 Best
I'm always happy to grab any Paulie's because I rarely come across any that I don't have that I can grab on the cheap. This minor league card has him listed as a 3rd basemen, I didn't realize he played there. I knew he came up in the minors as a catcher, but not a 3rd basemen. He was underrated defensively at 1st, he caught everything he could get to it, but I never saw him with enough range to play 3rd. I grabbed this one at $.31/shipped and it is my 396th Konerko.

2014 Panini Black Friday Diamond Kings
This was listed as a 2014 Panini Diamond Kings, when I was searching for it in the databases it came up as a Black Friday card, I probably wouldn't have gotten it if it was listed correctly so yeah for me. I got this Larkin for $.54/shipped.

1990 Classic Blue
I also grabbed this Larkin for $.54. The 2 above cards of Barry put that collection at 93 cards.

1997 Donruss Preferred
You know with the 8 cards in the mail, there would have to be a Ripken. I pick his cards up the most often which says a lot since I don't spend more than $.54 on a card. It helps that he plated through the 90's when they overproduced everything. I grabbed this one for $.49/shipped.

1983 Fleer
Seaver on the other hand, I don't get nearly as often but I've received a bunch in trade which is why this card is my 328th card. I picked this one up for $.49/shipped and it is also my 55th card of the 1983 Fleer set.

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