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Friday, May 20, 2016


It's Friday, no work for 2 days, and more cards on the recliner. This marks my 5th straight day with cards in the mail. I might have a problem, but I'm not overly concerned because it is a fairly cheap problem.

2002 Topps Total
I managed to pull down a Mark Buehlre, I don't get a ton of his online but I do get some. This one comes to me for the $.40/shipped and is my 176th card of Mark.

2012 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Autographs
I also grabbed this autograph of Brandon Brennan. I'm not a huge fan of these cards because technically they are minor league cards but I do still pick them up for hopefully future White Sox players. I grabbed this numbered (/749) autograph for only $1.48/shipped. That would be another reason I picked it up.

We'll see if I can complete the week with at least a card a day come tomorrow.

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  1. "I might have a problem"

    Five days in a row with cards? No - I have a problem. With you getting cards 5 days in a row, ya lucky bastard.